Blizzard should have left RoC players on older patch

I don’t play RoC I prefer TFT but losing RoC represents bad customer service. Especially since many players have lost 17 year old accounts, Pete Stillwell said in interviews that people with 17 year old accounts would receive a special tag next to their name and accounts would transfer over to Reforged… was that a lie?

I know Pete also said in an interview that Reforged could possibly have two ladders (one for classic TFT and a more “progressive” one for Reforged). It would be really nice if blizzard communicated with us before shutting down a game.

Can we expect the same treatment for classic TFT? Does blizzard plan on making just one ladder for Reforged and Classic combined? I surely hope not

Reforged should have been its own separate game. You should have left WC3 alone and released Reforged as a stand alone game. It would have had far less complaints. You could have still used the original WC3 engine with the new modifications you are making. No reason we should have to trade in the old game just to get the new one. I also believe Blizzard is shooting itself in the foot with all these new players downloading TFT for the first time wondering wtf is wrong with this game? People who preordered had higher expectations from you

The only “news” or rumors I know of that are important are the new items and item level system blizzard leaked sometime ago, which IMO is not something anybody asked for. Theres so many ignored suggestions around here on what things people want fixed, the keyword is fixed but not changed. On top of that Beta was announced for early spring!

What exactly is the point of a remaster if your changing too much? its like going from Ghostbuster 2 to Ghostbusters 2016 instead of just making Ghostbusters 3, except we can no longer enjoy Ghostbusters 2 now

Shame on you :frowning:


Just to clarify, you don’t mean people lost RoC, right? Everything for RoC is still there but the melee ladder, correct?

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I specifically said players lost their 17 year old accounts… whats that got to do with single player or custom games?


Literally the first sentence of your post:

Oh cool, so the internet is full of people who cant read more than 20 words or 2 sentences. Cool thanks for showing interest and asking questions you could have easily answered yourself. No wonder why blizzard doesn’t give a crap


I read the whole thing. My point is you’re misleading people by saying they “lost RoC.”

Did you read the link to the reddit page I posted?


Yep, lots of comments of people talking about how RoC was unbalanced as hell, played by about 100 people daily, and many took one look at TFT (which the people who only owned RoC now got for free) and never looked back.

So I guess if the same thing happens to classic TFT and blizzard changes it so much that it just turns into a new game, nobody will care and just say TFT is old right?


I have no idea what you mean by “replacing classic TFT.” Classic TFT is already gone. They aren’t reverting any of those damn alchemist changes, etc.

Edit: I’m pretty sure they will share the same ladder too. The only difference will be a toggleable graphics change.


Exactly the point of my thread. Thanks for understanding


This comes off as an unnecessarily extremist point of view.

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Im not the one who said “Classic TFT is already gone”

what I said was “Can we expect the same treatment for classic TFT? Does blizzard plan on making just one ladder for Reforged and Classic combined?”


Considering the idea of cross-compatability being a major point of Reforged’s release, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s very likely that it and the original games will share a ladder.

I don’t disagree with you but that would be HORRIBLE!!! It would show that blizzard doesn’t care, that they lie, and that the entire idea of remastering a game is a joke

What are we gaining from this that would be better than having Reforged as a standalone game?


I know that the Brood War ladder remained a separate entity from the Remastered ladder. I’m a complete uber casual on that game so I’m not sure what the long-term effects are/have been in regards to unique ladders.

Why would a combined ladder on another game that also has cross-play be a bad thing?

For 17 years players had the ability to log into TFT play some games, log out of TFT and switch over to RoC, play a few games, then return to TFT

But an updated, improved version of the game from 2019 is unable to do that? its a joke that a 2003 game could support 2 ladders but a new improved game is killing 2 ladders to make 1 new one

If Reforged was a standalone game, we would still have the option to return to the originals, but their business plan is to remove our options. What do we gain from it not being a separate game?

It sounds cool to be able to say “players who own the original can play with players who own Reforged” but its a cheap selling tactic


Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that Reforged’s melee multiplayer is being added into the Frozen Throne ladder? Reforged isn’t coming out with its own thing.

Totally a granted and a given though that it’s a strange, not-like Blizzard thing to do in regards to Reign of Chaos’ multiplayer. Although I will say that the specific phrasing and diction at least leaves a teensy little sliver of hope (although I’ve never gone back to RoC multiplayer myself):

The use of ‘disabled’ rather than ‘removed’ or ‘deleted’. Again, the most I can muster is thinking that - again - something’s gone really askew while they’re working on all the programming and coding and online systems.

They haven’t removed the ability to make non-Lord of Destruction characters in Diablo 2, I can still hop onto not-Brood War BattleNet for Starcraft. They recently rereleased Diablo 1, Warcraft 1, and Warcraft 2 on GOG. It’s the optimist in me, but I don’t think they’re permanently axing Reign of Chaos’ online.

Not splitting the community.

Why would cross compatibility ever be a bad thing? There’s a healthy amount of games that do it across entire platforms even.


Not if they are not separate, Like I said before, we had the option of 2 ladders with RoC and TFT for 17 years, but with Reforged they are “adding things to TFT” so that it is no longer the classic game.

So the majority of players don’t care, the majority of players want changes, and that’s fine. I’m not saying Reforged shouldn’t be released, I’m just saying there should be 2 ladders.

cross-platform is not the same thing as having 2 separate games (on one platform) with a cross-compatibility. Theres a few problems: A) lots of glitches with completely revamping the game B) the loss of the classic game C) the possibility of these changes not being completely perfect yet also being very limited D) a separate game could have had a lot more possibilities that remastering doesn’t allow

Did RoC and TFT cause problems by splitting the community? No it was never a problem. Obviously RoC was less popular, but the people who played it were dedicated fans for many years. That’s why I said its poor customer service. They hurt a small niche community because they are a small community.

If we apply the same logic to TFT, then once enough people are playing Reforged, then TFT wont matter anymore. The majority of people will say “who cares about TFT” and then those small groups of people who prefer TFT will lose the classic game.

I understand that we will still be able to login to the “classic TFT” game and even play against Reforged players, but why cant we have the option of playing the actual classic unchanged game? Like you mentioned we now have WC1 and WC2 updated for modern machines. So will we have to wait another 20 years for them somebody to release Classic RoC? Obviously that wont happen, which means the only way to play Classic RoC is by downloading an older patch and going on lan (obviously Im talking about multiplayer) or players could host custom games (but theres no stats in CGs currently)

That’s why I think its so important to have 2 separate ladders. I’m not saying that the games cant be cross-compatible, Classic TFT players can still play with Reforged players, but we should have a choice of “Classic TFT on patch 1.26” or the updated version of the game on patch 1.32. The reason people still play RoC is cause its simpler and has differences, so once Reforged is released it will be sad if theres no option of playing the classic game(even if its less popular) its nice having the option just to be able to see how the game has evolved over the years.

Overall it just looks bad to toss the long term players to the side, especially since Pete has stated they are looking into the possibility of having 2 separate ladders (a classic TFT ladder and a Reforged ladder) that doesn’t mean they wont be cross-compatible, it means all players should be able to choose either or (no matter which version you own)


finally found the video I was looking for

If the video starts at the beginning, skip to the 20minute and 10second mark to hear Pete talk about the possibility of a traditional or unchanged ladder and a more “progressive” ladder, both of which would be available from either version of the game (tft or reforged)

What I want to know is “What is considered classic or traditional”?
to me Classic = patch 1.26 not 1.31