Merci de réparer le système de placement !!! Blizzard je sais que tous les cerveau de votre entreprise sont partie ou ont été virer mais je vous en prie ARRETER DE FAIRE TOMBER LES TEAM CONTRE DES JOUEURS RANDOM !!! Il est ou le fun de se faire éclater par une team qui utilise un système de discutions vocal contre 4 mec qui ne se connaissent pas ??? ARRETER DE FAIRE N’IMPORTE QUOI !!!

(Edit) The poster above is asking for them to seperate AT and RT.
For your intformation, refer to the upcoming patch notes here: Version 1.34.0 is now Testable on the Warcraft III PTR

Some sort of change or adjustement relating to this topic is occuring in the next patch. Some have theorized that this line:

Matchmaking backend processing pipeline has been split up between AT and RT.

To some, this is being interpreted as “we’re seperating the AT and RT qeues.”

Analyzing the patch note though, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. It sounds like it’s a back-end system change to the matching process, not seperating AT/RT queues.

That said: Personally, I would rather have better quality matches over faster queue times. Arranged teams always have an inherent advantage over non-AT players- and this advantage is not solved by them simply rising through the ranks faster. No matter what your rating is, you’'re going to be more likely to win as an arranged team vs a non-arranged team with the same rating.

However, there are other ways this could be addressed as well. It wouldn’t be perfect, but this inherent advantage could be factored in by matching the AT against slightly higher rated RT players if no other AT is available.

But here’s what I think will be happening based on the patch note: I suspect they’re changing it so that the system will wait longer to match two AT’s together rather than simply taking the first possible match, and after that time elapses it will loosen the search requriements.

Separating RT vs AT would be a mistake.

Don’t do it, the playerbase is not high enough (and big part of it is thanks to you blizzard).

Jouer pour etre sur de se faire casser le … a 100% non merci

I got “Play to be sure to break your … 100% no thank you” out of that.


“Matchmaking backend processing has been improved for team games.”
The patch notes no longer say anything about AT and RT.