Blizzard give us REFORGED RETCONS back!

I heared a very sad and disappointing news yesterday:

Several days before the pubic test, Blizzard informed us of that “Sorry, but you won’t get the product in the form in which we promised you”. And it is only because a few fanatics keep saying here and there that they want stay in 2003 all their life.

To me, this thing is like that some riots walking on the street shout s–t out loud of their heads, changing the decision makers’ mind, forcing the executives withdraw rules, and then eventually hurting every other people. THE SILENT MAJORITY!



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It shows how a clear majority was interested in this and these internet crusaders immediately act aggressive on the forums when you suggest you actually REFORGE the game.


How does it affect you that there would NOT be a new campaign ?

You realize you can just play wow right ?


I dont understand how you are ok with blizzard just copying over their old content and still pay full price. You couldve had the graphics AND reworked optional content.


Imagine some people being a classic 1:1 enthusiasts and hate the idea of optional campaign you don’t even have to click in the menu at all and you can still enjoy updated version of the game.


Simple. i reap more benefit from it then you. that’s why i’m ok.

if Blizzard added all the new features coming to the World Editor and literally not do anything with the Graphics i’d still pay my 30 bucks.

A 10 hour campaign is just a minor thought of the gateway to my enjoyment from this game. and i believe that is heavily underrated when people start talking about what’s actually WORTH IT in Reforged.

dedicated servers
new solid match making
boat load of editor improvements

i’m sold.


That just says so much about you as a person.
You don’t permit others to have the fun they want because you dont want to click a menu.


Wow lore is an absolute disaster. Since vanilla. Tauren and undead together was the best joke I ever seen in warcraft lore. The lore had to be torn and bend in order to fit the MMO game design. But this was really pathetic.

Leave WoW to WoW, we don’t need such crap. We want the true Warcraft story, from Warcraft 1 to Warcraft 3, then maybe if we get lucky, we will someday be able to play the glorious sequel to Warcraft 3, which will be Warcraft 4.

And then, and only after that, shall we see a retcon. A retcon in WoW, to suit Warcraft 4 story. The true and only one.

Leave WoW to kids, thanks.


That’s true.
Maybe i understood wrong, but i didn’t talked about myself.

You can see this type of group being pretty rude/negative to anyone that doesn’t think their way on various w3 forums or channels.
Of course you will have negative people on both sides, but the first one is on another lvl when you read posts or comments sometimes.

these wow people are just very disrespectful and rude, they should go back to their own game.


Stormknight, you have a vocabulary of a 9 year old. Is penetration a new word you learnt?

He probably learnt it on 4chan or something and now uses it in every second post

From what I read from Bridenbeckers post there is still retcon just less than planned.

For example no new story arcs.

But he said they veered away from doing as much as they planned.

So geography changes might be there which would be nice


I’m hoping there will be map changes at the very least. New quests and characters would be great because that would mean more models for the world editor.


Do you guys even know what were the Reforged retcons before asking them back :slight_smile:

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The geography retcons were nice and I want those.

Same plot so no one can complain while it differentiates the campaign.

So we don’t pay for a graphic updated same campaign cause no one would buy that.


no one is re rolling those, if you guys actually read the article where this statement even comes from. you’d be not as pissed.

You guys need to get some bullet points straight. about the retcon

• Blizzards intention of retconing was to bring Christie Goldens style of writing in and change parts of the story to highlight specifically Jaina and Sylvanas more. nothing else.

  • Blizzard won’t make NEW missions, but more like replace a few missions with some new missions, or rewrite certain dialog.
  • The new models they made will still most likely get used, such as the great looking Paladins, and Anasterian Sunstrider being a hero in the fall of silvermoon as the king of the high elves.
  • In the Article blizzard mentioned that ultimate it was far more worth it to spend the time and money on actually making Reforged better instead of retconning something people literally have no issues with.


So how much different is the campaign going to be? What’s the incentive to buy other than graphics?


See? You can try to make an argument without being hateful about it.
But I disagree, they definitely promised more and went back on it. And they admit they went back on it because of people like yourself. And I think it is fair for me and others to let our voice be heard aswell, because we disagree.