Blizzard give us REFORGED RETCONS back!

Well i would have been hella mad if they retconned wc3 after wow, as i would be mad if suddenly someone “defined” pi to be equal to 3.
Ridiculous, huh?

They already retconned aspects of Warcraft 3 that Reforged wouldn’t even have been that much of an origin point for them, just a re-demonstration. I still don’t think proposed changes would’ve been as “harmful” as the 2002/2003 die hards think they’d be.


Plus that they didn’t say they would change things. They said that they would add!


I’m frankly kinda glad that post-2006 WoW lore isn’t being shoved into Warcraft 3. I do hope the map changes and such are still a thing in the Reforged campaign… or if not, that Blizzard leaves the new assets in the files for the map makers.

I get the feeling this is more about cutting down the amount of work they have to do in order to ship the game before the end of the year. They must have suffered a serious setback during development earlier this year.


I was always under the impression the proposed changes would just be geography, lines/objectives shifted ever so slightly to accommodate the geography, some new appearances from characters that were always in the events (just never shown in 2002 or 2003), and a general new smattering of voice lines to fluff things up a bit.

Really not sure how, if that was going to be the extent of the changes, that would’ve been it and too much for purists.

Honestly, I’m kind of wondering about that too. They seemed to already be aware enough of how much of a workload they had what with the outsourcing for 3D art once concepts were finalized. A part of me can’t help but also feel blindly bitter (if that’s the case) about the Classic team probably/maybe deserving a few more devs in their team. Considering they’re responsible for the “golden era” Blizzard games that pushed them to the tippity top.


I think we’re still getting the map changes and cameos. I don’t think the rewrites that required the full re-voicing of the main characters are going through, though – voice acting takes a lot of time and a lot of money.

But we’ll find out for sure later today, I’m sure.

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I know this is pipe dream-tier, but at this rate I’m wondering if they should just release Reforged in two stages.

  1. Here you go, all the new art and animation, here’s the modern BattleNet connectivity, go nuts mash each other to death in customs and on the ladder.
  2. Alright guys here’s the Reforged campaigns. We took our time but still wanted to get these out.

I’m gonna be at work during the one Reforged panel this year and it’s gonna drive me nuts.


I’ll keep you informed then. :slight_smile: I’ll be watching the panel.

And yeah, that’s actually something I considered too. But the way they worded it in the Polygon interview implies heavily that the Reforged campaign – at least as it was originally advertised – has been cut permanently.

Doesn’t it imply there is less changes but still retcons?

They said they veered away from as much as they planned and that they didn’t want to BREAK the story. This doesn’t mean no changes

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Yeah I think we’re still getting map changes and lore character cameos but that’s about it.

No outright rewrites requiring new voice acting.


Kael’thas’ father the King of the High Elves has a model made for him.

So he’s probably gonna be one of the only new changes to the lore.

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Do not listen to this guy (Midnight1000), he is under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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How did you made your text so large?

I’ll do Argronok0 one better. WHY did you make your text so large?

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I paid Reforged Battle Pass.

Because I can

Read this thread on the Hearthstone forums. Most of the stuff mentioned there by Pachimari apply here too.

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I heard that after reforged they gotta start on Diablo 2 remake, thus “after developement” is not possible… cause u know “activision” comes before "blizzard " :frowning:

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Reforged alone should have warranted more developers and more development time, maybe.

Adding a third to the mix (even if I hope in the case of Diablo 2 it’s a Starcraft: Remastered rather than a Warcraft 3: Reforged) should absolutely mean they get more resources.


dedicated servers
new solid match making
boat load of editor improvements

i’m sold.

Yeah, thats what they PROMISED, along with a lot more stuff that they’re not going to do, so… im not be so convinced if i were you.


The hyperbole and bandwagon-jumping in this thread is about as par for the course as it gets around here.

Grats, Blizzard forums, you never fail to disappoint.