Black Screen with Cursor

When opening warcraft 3, the screen becomes black after the lion door opens. There’s only the cursor and sounds. I already tried going into windowed mode and it’s still black. This happened before a couple of months ago, I just left it alone and it got fixed on its own but it’s still really annoying.

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A black screen is often a sign of the game running into issues interacting with your display drivers or settings. If the issue fixed itself in the past it might of been from a third-party software conflict. I recommend the following steps:

  • Goto your Documents folder → WarCraft III → Delete the War3Preferences.txt file this will force the game to pick up new settings when you retest later. Close the folder.

  • Disable all background programs following the steps Here. This will help rule out third-party software conflicts.

Restart the PC and retest.


Same issue. Disabled all startup apps and still have the issue. Blizzard really likes to blame everything but their own software, don’t they?

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It’s called a troubleshooting process. They never blamed you or the OP for anything.

However, they also left out an important (but also more annoying)step.

Aside from disabling all startup apps, you should also disable all non-microsoft services (in Msconfig, go to services and check the box “hide all non microsoft services” and then Disable All. This will cause some things to break, however services can very often break unexpected th ings.

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Literally everything I have tried has failed. Just now I’ve disabled all non-Windows processes and rebooted the PC, and it’s absolutely the same - black screen. Any ideas?

Update as of 2023-10-27:

The fix here is install that driver: x

Second download:
Intel® 7th-10th Gen Processor Graphics - Windows* Once installed restart the PC and retest.

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