Archmage Alternate Skin: Completely Disappointed


where is she??? link?



Imagine thinking you don’t have some complex lmao. Imagine trying to play shrink online after reading some community college textbook.

Imagine. Bro.


How narcissistic do you have to be to imagine every person is like you?

You don’t need a college textbook to know when someone’s being a dillweed. Jeeze, talk about victim complex’ing as soon as you’re called out.


Why are there so many people hellbent on ruining the readability and recognizability of skins? I thought the WC3 community to be better than this. I thought 30% of us were vehemently opposed to any skins at all, and the other 30% would only agree to lore-appropriate skins…

But this is not monetization and not lore, this is readability! Gameplay! You want to ruin it!


A bunch of people who haven’t played WC3 in 20 years who suddenly want to now because it’s getting re-made are now coming in and trying to fundamentally change the game because they don’t actually remember what the game was really like.


I hate granny jaina skin as well.
And the worst part is, knowing blizzard, they’ll be selling wc3 jaina mounting a horse skin soon enough.


That’s a good thing.

How is that bad? That would be sweet! Just hope not the other way round.

By the way, her hair changed colour because she was in the vicinity of a Focusing-Iris-boosted mana bomb explosion.