Archmage Alternate Skin: Completely Disappointed


100% disappointed with the alternate Archmage skin, which is BFA Jaina on a horse.

Firstly, I’m playing WC3. The last thing I want to be reminded of is BFA. Seriously.

Secondly, Jaina has never been shown to ride a horse. She did for a few minutes in BFA questing, but in any combat, and every other situation, she’s been on foot. And both in the OG WC3, and in HotS, Jaina has consistently been on foot, as well. Technically HotS has mounts, but again, like in WoW, that’s just a temporary thing that’s irrelevant to the character, and removed as soon as combat begins. She is, and always has been, an unmounted unit.

I was excited for this skin for specifically that reason, as an Archmage on foot would effectively remove the cosmetic imbalance of having only one mounted hero. I’d rather no heroes be mounted than a single hero be standing out.

Thirdly, I dislike the fact that she’s even Jaina at all. Why can’t we have just a generic female Archmage? I was really hoping to get a female Archmage model that I could use, so that my one hero (Jaina) doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, in contrast to the other three heroes, who would all be generic.

Furthermore, on that, a female hero for Humans would help add uniqueness to the Archmage, and effectively make each hero unique.

Currently we have, one Blood Elf Male, one Dwarf Male, and two Human Males. Replacing one of the Human Males with a Female Human would, again, solve the imbalance.

Suffice to say, absolutely disappointed with this turn out and implore you guys to fix your mistakes. I was excited for Reforged, but this basically killed the hype for me.


She rides a horse in the Arthas novel from 2009. How is this unrealistic?

This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back?


Jaina doesn’t. I’m playing WC3, not Arthas novel. And by your argument, Paladin Arthas should be mounted too.

No thank you.

What’s the point of paying for inferior models for a game I already have?


Currently, yes. But this mounted Jaina skin is going to be a thing in Reforged. She’s mounted for readability because the standard Archmage is mounted.

Which is also why Arthas isn’t on a horse except for his Death Knight incarnation. Since paladins are all on foot and given the basis for Reforged with their model/skin swaps, that would ruin the gameplay readability.

I don’t know. Did you buy the Spoils of War edition (presumably and under the assumption that’s where Nightmare Cenarius, Admiral Jaina, Fallen King Arthas, and Cataclysm Thrall will come from) or just the standard one?


There’s no reason they had to alter Jaina’s model. She was fine how she was. If you are referring to how big her circle would be in comparison to her appearance, then so? Models and circles have never made much sense and read properly, anyways. Just make her circle Archmage sized and leave her dismounted. Problem solved and everyone’s happy.

And I’m referring to buying Reforged in the first place. I have WC3. Why do I need Reforged? I guess sure, they’ve added more maps by revamping the current maps, so that’s cool. But everything else about it seems to be a downgrade from OG WC3.


For multiplayer? I mean nothing’s particularly confirmed one way or the other whether it’s just her Admiral appearance or her Warcraft 3 or both for melee/ladder.

No, I’m talking about her silhouette. The Archmage stands out because of the big staff, robe, and horse. The horse adds a lot to gameplay clarity and that’s why a dismounted Jaina swap for the Archmage hero wouldn’t translate as well in the heat of the moment during a match. Visual information is important (hence why lots of people have been on and off about the Footman unit).

Subjectively, maybe. Objectively, not really.


Imagine no longer being hyped for a whole game just because you don’t like a single optional skin, gives a whole new meaning to petty.


Are you serious? Oh no… Reminds quite well why I have pretty much left these forums :smiley: People seriously losing their sh*t because an optional skin of a one model has a horse and reminds of BfA? Phew… You must not have very much problems in your life.


As another note, there is a special Movement Type in the unit data called Horse. I’m forgetting off of the top of my head what is specifically different about these mounted class units, but I believe it does affect the actual gameplay. So, making a dismounted Archmage skin would go against the game design. The “skin” would need different stats, like the Jaina hero unit in the game.


I think it essentially just makes the Archmage move faster than an on-foot unit.


Movement Speed is not the stat I am referring to.

Movement Type has special ramifications. Hover makes the unit immune to Land Mines. But I’m forgetting what’s special about Horse.


What other stats would “Horse” actually change, then, in a game like this?


Archmage’s base movement speed, turn rate, collision size and other such details are all based around the unit being mounted.
Try opening World Edit, replacing the Archmage model with Jaina’s and you’ll notice a significant difference in how the unit feels.


Hrm, fair.

I’ve already done that with other mounted units, too. I just had no idea there was a specific flag for that.


I love the new skins :slight_smile:


Imagine being so triggered over an optional skin that has 0 impact on your life or the gameplay. There are more important things that should “kill” the hype for you. My word you little snowflake.


I’d like to see them add BFA Jaina on foot with all of the Archmage stats in place.

She’ll move super fast, have a clunky turning radius, and have this abnormally large hitbox where everyone swings at the air and still registers as hitting her.


Just don’t use the skin dude. The skin is there for those who want to play like that. If you don’t want it, don’t get it, don’t use it but you don’t need to ask to remove the option of use for those who like it.


As I always have stated, my dislike for wow lore and specifically how Jaina looks as a reference to Elsa from frozen couldn’t be any bigger…
But, as stated before… My opinion here goes… If you don’t like it… Don’t use it.
Problem solved, that’s a skin so there’s a high chance you will not see it in your army unless well you want to.
It’s good to have choises for those who do like the model.
The more models you get the more fun you have when creating new games =D


Imagine saying the same boring thing as 4 people before you.

We get it. You have superiority complexes, on a forum that Blizzard employee’s never read and barely even moderate.

Congrats bro, you made it.

Also though, is it just me or is her face looking super out of place? I don’t know what it is but I was super jarred when I first saw it.