Add Ray Tracing

It’s 2019 sort it out


They will. How about you using Google? It’s 2019


show proof

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According to this thread: Thread, it’s said in this interview: h ttp://

needPhysics Engine

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SC2 is almost 10 years old and it has physics engine, will wc3r?


Keep asking. Maybe they will try to please you then

Nvidia’s RTX core bullshat was a lie, AMD will accomplish it

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First you demand it then you call it scam?
Are you trying to be a clown?
Ray tracing with no Turing card will have significant FPS issues.

Nvidia’s RTX is a lie - ray tracing itself isnt.

AMD’s navi lineup will manage ray tracing just fine

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Who said Ray Tracing will only be a Nvidia feature?

Nvidia’s RTX was marketed on that basis, just like PhysX and G-sync

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Ahm, okay then. Navi will catch up on RT but… u know… 1 year later and even then it’s questionable if it reaches the performance. You don’t seem to read much about this since Navi won’t have dedicated RT cores

I think they will make something up. They even said that ragdolls could be added, if people want them.

there better be fuking ragdolls

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I don’t think WoW/WC3 engine has physics the same as SC2.

I figure that’s a limitation of using an older engine for the remake. IMO it’s not a big issue, even with physics in SC2 I rarely made use of it. It was neat, but not necessary.

It was fun having my footmen get gibbed though

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They don’t have, but it could be added. Just like they are improving and basically revamping the whole graphics engine.

What is wrong with you dude? Are you always such a douche?

I like the death animations more than having ragdolls. The knights death was awesome in Novembers demo

You have a combination, like in SC2, dedicated death anims and physics based for catapult deaths or the sort

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Who wants lags, low FPS or freezes?..