A request to restore the Warcraft 3 Classic

So this was posted on Classic forum but it got locked, so I’m entitled to repost it here since it was specifically marked to post it here.

Here’s a simple request: restore the Classic before it was merged forcefully. We Classic users do not want this merge. Thank you.

If you agree, please pitch in and let our voice be heard. I can’t do it alone, you can’t do it alone, only by getting together can we do this.


comeback Frozen Throne!!! Or i comeback my money. All just.

Why would Blizzard KILL custom campaigns, they were not only mine, but others favourite game feature. I am literally depressed by Blizzards doing.


Bring back the classic WC3 and everything that was with it.
Frozen Throne was fantastic and using the editor to make the Naga race playable was fun.


it still exists. you can still download it from blizzard, you just can’t play it on battle.net.

actually, unless it has been changed again it will automatically update to reforge. the only solution I found was to buy a Battle chest set on Amazon. there are only 2 left at a price of $99.99

Blizzard has abandoned this game since the last forum posted was back with “Version 1.32.9 – October 21, 2020” and edited 13 times with the last 1 being March 11th, 2021. A full year. I would give up of restoration of Classic. It will not happen unless Microsoft/Xbox see profit in repairing the damage Blizzard did.

I have classic warcraft 3 bit i never knew you can make naga playable! How do you do it?

How do you make naga playable? I never knew!

Yes, it will, but as long as you don’t attempt to connect to battle.net, that won’t happen.
There are also third party things you can hack the game to connect to to avoid this, but this is primarily a singleplayer solution.

Old battle.net is basically gone, except for classic D2.

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It’s a joke

I agree at least give us it back until reforged’s everything that they promised us and more. It’s kinda annorying to being have to delete old friends on battle’tag to make room for new ones. Apes together Strong!

there is the kicker right there “as long as you don’t connect to battle.net” I tried your method If i don’t unplug my pc from my internet than as soon as i go to launch WCIII it updates. no one is going to want to have to unplug their internet if not on a wireless connection just to play warcraft 3. they stopped all updates as far as i can tell from the last official post. Getting and old Battle chest set is the only easy way to get the old classic without having to remember to disconnect from the internet.

There are ways to prevent the game from connecting to the internet even if you tried to press it.

Adding the game’s executable to your firewall’s block list would do the trick. Editing the hosts file would also work (I personally did both).

I discovered that if you don’t launch the game, not only it doesn’t connect to internet, but all these problems go magically away^^

I think you made the mistake of downloading it directly over their download website because if click there on RoC it only downloads the setup for Refunded.
Instead you need to download it directly over their client download which the user Sorsha whas so friendly to collect and sort in this thread:

classic W3 isn’t supposed to update unless you connect to bnet, so idk man

Classic game installers have to be downloaded from your account page which has a classic CD key registered. If you install classic War3, it should not update unless you connect to battle.net. The game is not online and doesnt care about your internet connection unless you do so.

Battle.net still provides the classic installers, there’s no need for any external third party links.

I got the disc so downloading is of no concern. I only care about the patches. I have only ever been able to patch to 1.27b before reforge is force patched. the main patches I mainly care about are the ones that added up to 24 players. I forget if that was 1.29 or higher. if there is a way to get those patches than I will gladly download them

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This is the only Backup of WC III beyond 1.27 that is not automatically turn into Reforged.
But it has the problem of not really be suited to play anything except in english.

Well i’m gonna quit soon and then i’ll go back to age of Mytholegy

I know what you mean. I only hope the deal with Microsoft goes through and the FED stay the hell out of it. Maybe Microsoft will do what blizzard could not. Or maybe they won’t.