19089 Patch notes

I thought we might all use a moment to appreciate the changes that actually do happen, and the team did a nice job this time.

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,
today we have a few nice fixes and additions for you all.

Specific changes and improvements:

  • enhanced zoom now shows which side is near and which side is far, as well as having a checkbox to toggle it and a second slider to adjust max zoom. Both of these sliders also display the current zoom value when you place your mouse over them
  • you can now select classic profile portrait icons that have been in the game files from last patch, as well as more added this patch (these unlock once you have enough melee wins with a race)
  • general WebUI improvements under the hood

Bug fixes:

  • insert and delete keys work correctly again to rotate the camera
  • using = in chat in singleplayer after typing a cheat will repeat it
  • ingame music should be back to the good old curated playlists for each race
  • SetMapMusic works again
  • game UI (namely F10 screen) should be back to the correct race’s UI

Also, the settings menu in-game isn’t laggy AF.


Thank you mr bogdan!

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watch out, it might count as a buglist.

post isnt blue, who are you and whats the story here

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Bogdan is Bogdan, the story is PTR got a new patch with no notes so he diff’d and tested it and posted his findings


Thanks for the changelog.

Blizzard, fixes at this point matter more to the community than new features, so they deserve a changelog just as well.

Thanks for the fixes!


Thank you so much for looking for the changes and unsaid patches in this sudden update of the PTR. Really appreciate it. Though this may not be much, we’re still on track to a good direction.


At first I wanted to make a jokey response, but that kind of defeats the point. I am no one special, but while inside the rules, I can choose to do whatever I want. We can all make small changes just like we have been doing with the helpful bug reports. This time, the change is a report, a report to the community about what got changed. A proper changelog now that they’ve done many fixes we needed, but without a notes post.
This works both to inform everyone about what’s getting fixed, just like we had people reporting on everything broken in YT videos, and to help the testers continue to test the stuff that is not in here. Some bugs are still there, but they don’t have to spend time testing the fixed ones :smiley:


Thanks a lot for the changelog!


Wait, how did you obtain these patch notes if the PTR is closed and they are only doing internal testing? Also, if these changes are indeed true, however they may have been obtained, I have also heard that the portraits have been updated. Does this mean they have been improved and changed, or just something very minor in that they had to tag them as updated.

PTR single player and the editor are still usable

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There was a PTR update yesterday. People can “diff” game files which tells them exactly what changed. We then tested a few issues to confirm.


Interesting. Do you know if the portraits or models were updated/improved at all? I have heard that they were, but i’m hoping it’s not just something very minor but an actual fidelity upgrade.

There are new profile portraits, portraits at 1024x1024 resolution mimicking classic ones, for attaining wins in melee. I will not list them all because I am too lazy to do it manually and don’t have an automatic way, but here’s the example of wins with random:
(ROC ones)
green dragon whelp - 25
blue dragon - 250
red dragon - 500
Deathwing - 1500
(TFT ones)
myrmidon - 25
siren - 150
dragon turtle - 350
sea witch - 750
Illidan - 1500

As for my methods: you can play the game still, despite servers being down, as the UI still lets you come in. And I extract game data (completely legal process) and run a difference-finding software between every version and the previous one to get extra data.

Ah those, I was hoping that for the unit portraits in game they received some type of update or overhaul, as they are extremely strange looking with the lighting on them.

I’m not mad or anything lol we’ve just seen lots of people post fake (or dream) patch notes on here. I’m not sure why anyone would still be checking the PTR when its not supposed to be avialable lol

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Thank you so much for the summarized changelog Bogdan !

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The PTR was updated yesterday and is available now - just not online play. We keep tabs on it.


Blizzard made an update to the PTR yesterday. You can still play offline. Of course it will be checked for changes and updates.