Beta Notes

Ishnu’ aHowdy Friends,

After 10,000 minutes since our last patch (give or take…), Illidan and friends have broken out of Barrow Dev and are ready to take their rightful place amongst the great races of Azeroth.


  • Night Elves now playable
  • Night Elf and Random added as queue options



  • More improvements to chat experience/functionality
  • Custom lobbies and games

very cool, thank you


Where’s Illidan?..


2 issues right now.

First, for the entangled mine for NE, even if you don’t have any wisp inside the mine, it still display as if there are wisps inside.

Secondly, the transformation of the bear form for druid of claw has something missing. There is a huge change in the last step of the transformation into the bear.

btw, there is a dark green team color, which makes it extremely hard to see the health bar of the hero in that color.


Those Night Elf models are great !

I kind a wondering will Demon Hunter Hero have male version tho?


Probably next patch like what happened to ud


Love it, thanks. Keep up the awesome work! =D

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Looking at the editor, there are two model files for demon hunter. Demon hunter and demon huntress. They both currently refer to the female model so I think a male variant will be coming later.

Also note, some other models outside NE were updated. All Pit Lords have the flaming VFS on their model now and look very nice and they have added a new bandit mage model where there was previously a duplicate.

Loving the new designs so far.


World Editor is showing messed up strings and can’t even play on World Editor.
Also playing Night Elf in Versus crashes at the loading screen.

Also It’s showing Net_default or whatever meaning you have to update the game to play in Versus but It’s already updated? How does that make any sense.

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Upgraded structures appear in wrong colors within the player color mode


Naga next?

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I don’t like the new Dryad hair. It’s way too exaggerated. Huntress attacks are weird. They attack with their glaive from their left hand but the missile projectile comes from their right hand. The bears need to be scaled bigger to match their selection circle. The generic Warden’s face is WAY TOO SMALL!!! Plus can we PLEASE get the iconic large cape back like Maiev.

I don’t like Maiev’s pose either. It looks like she’s uncomfortable. She should be balanced, it looks like she’s shifting her weight onto her right leg. It’s very uncomfortable to look at.

Moon Wells do NOT show their water correctly in relation to how much mana they have. I am looking at Moon Wells with 0 mana but full blue water and it’s very confusing. Please fix!

Edit: Oh, also, Maiev and the Warden Hero both need their animation changed with Fan of Knives. Currently, they lower themselves in preparation for the jump and THEN fly up and twirl around which does not match the speed that the knives actually go out like in Classic TFT. Please just remove the crouching part and start the animation immediately with the Warden jumping and twirling into the air.


I know this game is highly popular among multiplayer gamers but can you please release a chapter or two for us older gamers that are not into online play? I can care less about online and bought this game just for skirmish and campaign. Really really appreciate it.


Absolutely love the new NE models! The only exception is archer’s animations. She is crouching too much, in my opinion. Talking about buildings, the store tree looks too different from the original.
Looking forward to custom games & interface changes!

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no custom lobbies :c


I really liked all models of Reforged! Are amazing! But I need say this… I dont know if this a bug but… The graphics now In this 2019 Beta dont look like or better than The Culling demo from Blizzcon2018. Dont look better or the same product has been shown in 2018. The game lost the Clean aspect and Realistic. And lost so many awesome things that i will say now: Reflections, Realistic Lighting, Shaders, Realistic Shadows, Realistic Trees, Ambient Occlusion, Ray Tracing, Realistic Terrain, Realistic Grass, Anti Aliasing, New UI, New Mini Map, Some Colors, Day and Night Reflections and other things what The Culling Demo from Blizzcon2018 that already had and now disappeared and no one know about why:disappointed_relieved:
I love Warcraft 3 Reforged but what is happening? :frowning:
The graphics now are strange and very weak compared with the 2018 version.
Please perfect team bring back the Culling Graphics from Blizzcon2018! Please! <3


i like the night elves, (found some bugs)

  • When units transform (they lose their team color)
    (Talon Druid, Claw Druid)
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Are my eyes deceiving me or some particles are still missing, such as for Tree of Ages, Eternity etc & “still” animations such as the Demon Hunter ones or the ancient protector flailing its beard?

Plus male DH skin ofc.


Custom Lobbies and games, when??