1.31.0 Patch lags?


Hey is anyone else experiencing really annoyingly debilitating gameplay lags? Like the unit animations are all 2 or 3 fps and the side scrolls aren’t smooth at all, also 2 or 3 fps? I played about 12 hours ago and everything was fine.

Also all my saves and replays got corrupted, the F***?

Removed support for my resolution?

Same thing, lost all my saves, and since today the game in unplayable…


Yo buddy have the same Problem with hard fps laggs in menu and ingame at the last patch yesterday, so need help too guys please.


My saves and replays are fine but same as you, warcraft 3 and Word Editor are lagging a lot since I made the update !


Yeah, i got the same problem, I just cant play. It start lagging when entering a lobby and durind the game. :confused:


same here, unplayable. even the menus are laggy, i am at 3 FPS!!! GOOD JOB BLIZZARD!!
Blizzard patches:
Add 2 trees at merc camp
remove 2 maps
Make the game unplayable. Good, job, again.

Also most of my text and icons are near invisible… whats this???


same problem here , 3-5 fps


Same, I couldn’t exactly pin down what was so weird, but this it definitely it. Unit animations are incredibly low fps for some reason, and it makes it hard to play.


24 hours later, still laggy. Just submitted a ticket, let’s see where this goes.

Was honestly thinking about buying the Remastered version, but if THIS is what happens to the original, 17 years old game, then I’m gonna have to reconsider.


Yes, me too. Single digit FPS…


Patch made a perfectly running game unplayable, went from perfect to unplayable. If anyone has a solution or knows how to go back to previous patch please let us all know


It’s really annoying, I was about to continue playing the Rexxar missions and after this update I barely can move my mouse. The menu is kind of fine but if you try to play any map it gets laggy as heck!:neutral_face:


Hey, all!

It appears this may be an issue with older Intel graphics processors and DirectX 11. If you force DirectX 9 it should help resolve these low FPS issues.

Please try the steps below:

  1. Go to Your Warcraft 3 installation directory (C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\x86_64 is the default)
  2. Right Click Warcraft III.exe and create shortcut
  3. Right Click shortcut and select properties
  4. Add -graphicsapi Direct3D9 to the end of the target field
  5. Launch the client via the shortcut

This should resolve the FPS problems for now. :slight_smile:

Low FPS warcraft 3