1.30.2 Patch Notes


sorry to be that guy but…will you ever put in the “feature” for rebinding inventory hotkeys. havn’t used a keyboard with a numpad in years.


After dropping from so many lobbies, I decided to host my own game. 4 people had trouble getting in (In the chat logs, you can see them leave as soon they enter, but they would enter multiple times, so they obviously wanted to get into the lobby). I start the game and nobody is moving. 1 by 1 they start dropping. I continue playing because I just want to play 1 game before I sleep even though I am essentially alone. And then I crash.

Never have I encountered such a buggy patch from Blizzard before. It boggles my mind that this patch was even allowed to be released in the state that it is in.


Friday night just wanted to play some good old custom games.
Login to find bots gone, and replaced with super buggy patch.



Has anyone actually managed to play a complete game in this patch yet?
This is such a buggy, crashing mess that I’m stuck between ‘game crashed silently’, ‘unable to find game’ and everyone saying that they lag out of games right away anyway, that it seems impossible to actually play a game

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Yes, and yes. Thank you.


stop fuking up the game… night elf nerf??? why


no download war3 setup(((


So, now there is no way to scape the ping for us South Americans right? cuz now custom games are hosted by blizz. I just want to know if you guys are willing to add a realm like you did for Koreans or its time for me to move on and never play again. Clearly Activision-blizzard doesnt want us to play like everybody else does.

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Our first hotfix is deployed:


  • Refreshes of the custom games list no longer causes crashes
  • Last used gateway is remembered
  • Users may create accounts on US West


  • Some maps cause desync on game start (we’ve added tracking for maps that cause the issue)
  • Blizzard maps included with game install will always cloud download
  • Playing a ladder match and then a custom game no longer desyncs

Devotion Aura

  • Bonus at all levels increased by .5


Laggiest patch i’ve ever seen ! Hope it won’t be the same with Reforged !


this is a decent buff, though I would say increase slightly more like .5 then .75 and 1.0 per level


Same for me, can’t click on more than 3 games without crash


I can’t even download TFT… I can’t download WC3 classic from my account page cause it doesnt exsit on the web (even though in the launcher it shows up as I have purchased Reforged)
And that link in this page only installs RoC not TFT…

How the hell do I download TFT then???


It’s out! it’s finally out ladies and gentlemen!


I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but there’s a very serious and frequent bug that boots players to the end scores screen (this happens DURING gameplay, not in lobby)!! I don’t see this listed in known issues.


Anyone else experiencing issues with offline LAN since the patch? The hosted game never appears.


Uhmmm we need new map rotation also


looks like a new update just rolled out …


Still having issues being kicked from game when loading in even on