1.30.2 Hot Fix 2 - 12/4/2018

(Mark Chandler) #1

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

The Classic Team has been working hard behind the scenes to fix as many issues as possible. This is the second client patch to start addressing some of the core issues.


  • Error dialogs include error code and better text strings
  • Hide map download dialog on successful download


  • Reverted change to way desyncs are checked in 1.30.2 to help reduce likelihood of false desyncs
  • Map upload is more successful


  • One team maps cant be played due to client validation


  • We will be deploying a server fix to address this later today.


  • In game latency is measured as the total time it takes a request to go from the server to the client, through the client processing queue and back to the server. Some prior hosting bots used to half this time by default only measuring the time from the server to client.

Classic Games


Who is paying for this work?


Thanks. looks like a good patch.

Regarding hostbots. Can we please have them back? Any words regarding this? Please give us something. Can you make it that hostbots are able to host games and also that players can host their own games too?


but when there are host bots almost every custom game is fake. And they are not needed now that port forwarding is not necessary.


Last night Grubby was playing custom games (melee) vs Happy. Netherlands vs Russia. Grubby created the game and automatically his closest data centre is picked for the host. Which supposedly is in Amsterdam. Happy had a much higher ping (and spikes). So it’s an unfair game.

One of the downsides of not allowing these hostbots.

With a hostbot they could’ve picked one located in eastern Europe. That way they would’ve had a more similar ping. And thus a more fair game and better entertainment.


upside is last night we were able to launch a 24 person ffa and only had 4 dysync and it played perfectly well. That is the potential of the game. If host bots don’t make hundreds of dead game ad nauseum I don’t see any issue.


Thanks for the hard work! Keep it up :smiley:

(Mark Chandler) #8


Thanks for the continued attention to the game. I’m no longer able to host AT or accept AT invites after this patch was released today. No changes to port forwarding on our routers.


When a friend and I try to do 2v2 custom (to play against AI together) whoever hosts gets into the game and the other person sits on the loading screen for the game endlessly. I haven’t really seen this mentioned around.

Are other people experiencing this related to the patch or is it something on us?


Arranged team is still bugged… impossible to play with friends…


I cannot play any Ladder game in this version…


For the love of god, can you fix Arranged Team? you never mention it, although in the patch notes it clearly says “arrange team is fixed”, and it’s not.


Mark, thank you for working. But it still unable to enter bnet. Now “error_id_temporary_restriction”


Just Cause 4 is out and you guys are still trying to annoy yourself with server issues, lol.

  • RoC Blizzard’s official maps are bugged in custom games. They do not have the 24 slots available and they have fixed slots for teams at lobby.

  • You cannot swap a player to an empty slot.

  • Autofocus on chat input in lobby is still bugged after changing team etc.

  • In nativefullscr, sound is still playing when alt+tabbing.

  • Nativefullscr alt+tabbing time is ridiculously high.

  • Not sure in this hotfix but in the previous one, you were able to join TFT custom games from RoC and reverse.

  • Arranged teams ain’t working bro.


LEL I can’t even get in battle.net now


nice, hope it all works out. i’m so glad wc3 is being brought back even if it had quite a rough start. thanks for your work


This issue is related to windows 10 notification system.
To fix this do the following:
windows settings -> system -> notification and actions -> disable all type of notifications ( only one is required to solve the issue but i forgot which one is).

That will improve all tabbing with any games played in full screen mode.


That seems lame. Maybe call us Legends since we play the weakest race ?