0.5 metacritic score

I just added my 0 score to the massive pile. Killed a game I’ve been playing for almost 2 decades.

This is more a meme than an actual game at this point.


YongYea just released his video and a lot of people are bent on getting it to .1.
People are not happy about this release.


And rightfully so. Warcraft III as the best RTS game…no, the BEST game of all time deserved better remaster/remake than this half-baked, completely unfinished product

I would hope that this backlash would force Blizzard to take massive action to regain the trust of the fans, but knowing Activision-Blizzard and Bobby Kotick, we likely wont see any kind of official response, nor any kind of real action taken…


the only unforgiveable thing for me is that the custom games still crash the game. This defeats the entire purpose of playing warcraft, they should have just left it alone


I’m not too mad about Reforged sucking, but I am mad about them forcing it upon innocent people wanting to play classic AND really mad about the WorldEditor EULA killing the custom maps scene


We can get it lower, people.


People are actually giving 10 score ratings to other games with scores around 0.8 to increase the gap. Nothing shall compete with warcraft for the bottom of the garbage pile.


They only did that to Ghostbusters afaik. The only game I’ve even seen with a lower rating now is Day One Garry’s Incident and it’s a REALLY obscure game (it was at 0.4 last I saw). But even that doesn’t matter, they don’t even neeed to do that because this is going to drop lower than that anyway.


wow, thats shocking. it will never redeem itself on metacritic now that there are like nearly 14.000 votes and its so insanely low…

i don’t condone this as i think its unfair towards everyone. i think fair would be to rate this game as it is now… right now it is around a 4/10, a 5/10 at very best if you are blind fanboy… giving it 0 or 1 is kinda insane but hell… on the other hand they deserved it because they very well knew what they were releasing here… everyone at blizzard knew and they released it anyway :frowning:

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the game is a 5 … but take off the W3. so -9 of the W3.
The game is a -4.


Wow, a low score from a place which bans and censor user reviews AND at the same time allows people who didn’t played the game to post their score as many times they want

Super legit big problem for blishard

Sorry but how does this game justify a 4 or a 5? I does literally nothing good. And it broke the old game. This game is seriously a 1 or a 0.



Whant More fiable score?

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a 1 or 0 implies that the game is not a game but a piece of junk… a 1 or 0 implies that the game is unplayable, but thats not the thing here.

it is playable. it is very bugged and it misses many good things. also was falsly advertised and still is but it is playable and even enjoyable IF you don’t get too many bugs… so a 4/10 is fair in my opinion !

its just an unfinished low quality version of the original. the original is a 10/10 so a 4/10 is very low compared to this

edit: giving a 1 or 0 is a hatred rating and nothing more !! its the same as if you would rate reforged at 9/10 or 10/10… this would be the same idiotic nonsense as rating it at 1 or 0…

a fair rating is 4/10

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  1. People cant play.
    O can play custom camping.

While yes in regard to the game itself it does deserve a better score then 0 or 1 (probably around 6 if locking at the pure game itself) there is the fact that it is a remaster so campaign is know and the overall changes are not all that drastic meaning it would with bugs and the like fall more towards a 4 then add the fact that it interferes with classic and it is in my mind deserved to be at 1 or the like
i mean why would you suddenly break a huge part of a 18 yhear old game and force most problems of the “new” version on the old one
that just seems like a scam that screams well we know its a broken mess so we gotta make the classic even worse so people gotta choose between bad and slightly better locking bad


What if, as in my case, you can’t even play the game? Would that not denote a 1 score?

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they arent even accepting reviews now

Can it be…<0.1? I mean 0.09 or less?

I guess that is a fair point but I would also say that a 1 or a 0 rating is justified in a game that is a literal scam and lying to it customers to its face. Blizzard purposely didnt advertise this game since they knew it was gonna be garbage. They lied to us, they made us sign over our moral rights lmfao, they killed the old game forcing us to play this, the graphics are worse that the original, and they are still silent. So yeah, I think that justifies a 1 or a 0.

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