Unused (deleted, hidden) missions of Terran campaign

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There were 2 terran campaign missions that were removed for unknown reasons before launch of original StarCraft.

  1. Biting the Bullet.
    From my understanding this mission takes place after 6th mission of terran. I call it 6.5. Quoting from SC wiki:
    " The timing of this mission is up for debate in that MPQ files list it as “terran-7” and The Trump Card as “terran-8,” which would suggest that this mission occurs before the Delta Squadron blockade. Of its adaptation within novels however, it distinctly takes place during/after the events of the latter mission."

  2. Operation Silent Scream
    This comes after 8th mission so I name it 8.5.
    " Operation Silent Scream takes place right after The Big Push . If Silent Scream had been included, the psi-would have been activated in Silent Scream, not The Big Push."

The sound files still working and it’s almost perfect (maybe it needs some tiny trigger tuning but I beat both of them without any problems) to include them on original campaign. So why Remastered dev team won’t include them?


For the same reason UED didn’t get a fourth tech tree in rem.

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What 4th tech tree you talking about, can you elaborate more? UED got medics and valkyries with expansion. Are you talking about some things that were cut, removed or you talking about NEW random things that could be implement?

And what tech tree, which means new units and buildings got to do with a campaign map? AFAIK those maps don’t break any lore (although not hundred percent sure about “Operation Silent Scream”) instead they fullfill it) so there shouldn’t be any problem with adding them. First map introduces how Raynor met Tassadar. I read somewhere that team made more than 10 missions for terran so they needed to cut some of them, there must be some limitations back then but not now.

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UED’s point (I assume) is that the classic games team isn’t developing new content for the remaster, nor are they updating old unreleased content and packaging them with the game.

On a technical note, there aren’t enough mission slots in the singleplayer campaign menus for the new missions, and they would need to rework that if they were meant to appear alongside the other missions.

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I think that Biting the Bullet could be implemented as it fits the campaign story. It explains how Raynor and Tassadar met for the first time and why Raynor is pissed off at Mengsk during New Gettysburg mission briefing for sending Kerrigan against the Protoss, as he didn’t wanted to engage them. I’ve played several existing versions of this mission and all maps are unfortunately broken. Some triggers won’t work and the build tree have some quirks. Another thing is the mission difficulty which is quite high for seventh mission.

Silent Scream is just another version of The Big Push so there are less reasons to restore it.

These mission are canon. This was confirmed at BlizzCon 2011 on the Story Panel. The main reason why Blizzard didn’t add these missions to this day in Rebel Yell is simply because there are unfinished business. Look at the entire layout and playability of the two maps, it’s a horse of different colours in comparison to all other 10 terran campaign maps.

Though, these two missions were later used by Blizzard within the campaign Enslavers: Schezars Scavengers, which you can find in your maps directory of StarCraft: Remastered.

Also, these two maps were added in StarCraft: Mass Recall, the famous SC/BW Remake for StarCraft II… :sunglasses:

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Blizzard only reused the terrain from those two maps and the Enslavers missions are completely different as well as considerably harder, though “The Rescue” does follow a similar mission structure as “Operation Silent Scream”.

I also do not think that Blizzard rejected those two missions because they were unfinished or too different from the official maps; save for a couple of extremely minor issues that could be rectified in less than five minutes, they are both essentially finished and really would have not been out of place in the official campaign.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that “Biting The Bullet” is far superior to many of the canon missions, namely “The Trump Card” and “The Big Push”.

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And I’m not even talking about inserting Biting the Bullet into the campaign, as it looks good that all campaigns are 10 missions each. Blizzard could just clean it up and release it as Terran7.scm. :sunglasses:

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It must be terrrible diffcult to great a folder " cut content " … And just put reworked missions into it … Together with 2vs 2 ladder and Bug free zone …