Suggestions that do not affect the balance and core gameplay of the game

1.Give a mark to the units that have been grouped;
2.Add more positions to the observer,Or you can watch friends directly in the game lobby;
3.Disconnected from the game can be reconnected;
4.Automatic observer function,The system automatically switches the battlefield;
5.Display the health and mana of each unit on the battlefield;
6.When the assembly point and unit of the barracks move towards the destination,There is always a straight line displayed on the battlefield;
7.Design command line parameters and instructions into graphical buttons;
8.Block the player’s speech in the game;
9.You can choose to reduce your own unit’s HP;
10.The above suggestions are actually not important,What matters is the ladder of team games。

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Some of these suggestions sound good. Specially having more observer slots and the reconnection for unstable internet connections, which other games already have. Drawing a line towards the rally point instead of just marking the point would be great as well (but I think it should still be limited to whenever the building is selected for compatibility reasons)

However some suggestions such as having health and energy bars always displayed just can’t be added without breaking classic game mechanics.

8… Please… Enought of these selfdeclared Pros … Who blame everybody but themselves …

The attack and cast range of each unit are displayed on the battlefield.What do you guys think?

Some of these are ok. But for the love of God please do not make this game more like sc2. The reason we play and enjoy it, is because it is hard and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Do not show health, mana, or what units are grouped. Please do not show rally point lines. But for number 9. Why would you want to reduce your units HP? Also you can do that, just attack it. And please definitely don’t show cast range or siege range. This is something you learn from playing don’t make this game way too easy like sc2.

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The ninth suggestion is to allow two players with a large difference in level to play a relatively balanced game.So I suggest adding it can reduce the blood volume of your unit。
I never understand,Why can’t the data displayed when watching the replay be displayed when watching the game?Are you worried that we see too well?Ask for answers

Ahhh I understand number 9. Wouldn’t be a terrible idea for non ladder games but I suspect you would have to make your own UMS game for that. Leader isn’t meant to be played high rank vs low rank. And I do not want to see how nanny workers I have made because your not supposed to know exactly how many you have. You get used to telling how many you want saturating bases. Other than that is there really anything else that shows in replays that isn’t shown to the player? I mean the workers isn’t that big of a deal but it’s still an aid in helping make the game easier. And me personally, n a lot of old school players still enjoy having a difficult game that doesn’t do everything for you. And even then your basically making workers the entire game as terran or toss, zerg can easily tell how many they have at each base since they do not saturate like terran and toss. Also after learning the game it comes natural that you don’t even count your workers. Zerg knows when to drone up and when to not drone up. Terran and toss like I said basically make workers all game long. So imo it’s not needed, although that’s not as big of a deal tbh. So I wouldn’t really care to much if they added that or not. But I still feel like you should learn the game instead of trying to make it into sc2. This game has been out over 20 years and everyone has learnt it this way.

People want to compete.

A higher level is required.

S , A , B , C , D , E , F
0.1% SS or S+
0.01% SSS or Best or God or S:R

Hello my friend,I think you misunderstood me again,I said why the data that can be seen when watching the replay is not visible when watching the game.Refers to the observer at the OB position, Or the referee’s perspective,not the player’s perspective.
I think every season should have a clear timetable,If there is a certain time, it should be displayed.

Ahhh got ya, ya that would be ok.

I would add that APM be displayable on Player info inside room, its more useful than number of wins and games played.

I don’t think the significance of showing APM is great,Because there are many players with 200~300APM who are not very good,So displaying the ladder score is more valuable.
StarCraft is now a backwater,It doesn’t help to sponsor the competition alone,Only from the way the game itself changes

I’ll just throw here what I wrote in a different thread, makes more sense to have everything in one place:

  • Add an option to put the Resource bar near the mini-map in the bottom
  • Make “Windowed mode” remember the window last size and position in the screen.

And to be honest, perhaps the guys working on the game if you find there are too many tasks and not enough time, perhaps consider doing open-source release of just the engine so people can submit for you patches and review and accept with the additions… I personally would probably do that.

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Observers will appear BUG after watching the game for more than 20 minutes.The two players watched by the observer did not operate again,It seems to be disconnected but still in the game.
The game hardly needs to be changed,Just need to add a modern interface,Design the game’s menus and instructions into graphic buttons,Make the interface more convenient to operate and view.
When can we register the game ID in other languages,If too many languages ​​will cause trouble to the registration form,At least Chinese and Korean should be added,Because these two countries have the most players besides English speaking countries。