StarCraft: Remastered consumer recap of 2019

As 2020 is coming closer I’d like to thank the Classic team for their work in 2019.
For the aim, let me do a StarCraft: Remastered consumer recap of 2019.
After each priority you receive a point - red or green depends on what we see. I’m so excited to see the final result!

Why consumer you’d ask - I know we are not members to you, we are not even an audience. We just consume the product you prepared for us several years ago.

Recap of what Blizzard did about the “priorities”:

[P1] Team matchmaking (3 points)
[P1] Disconnections from server (3 points)

-> Team matchmaking is not available, probably will never be. (3 red points)
-> There aren’t many disconnections nowadays, primarily because the game crashes most of the time and we can’t enjoy even a proper disconnect (3 red points)

[P2] Observer: chat abilities - “social observer” profile on game creation (2 points)
[P2] Observer: ability to pause the game (currently can’t) - “referee” profile on game creation (2 points)
[P2] Options menu performance improvement (and general web UI stability improvements) (2 points)
[P2] Unit count in replays (investigation) (2 points)
[P2] in-game: way to reference a player name without typing their exact name - /f, /i (2 points)

-> The observer mode hasn’t been touched even slightly, thank you, at least it does not crash the game. (2 red points)
-> Options menu performance update - not sure if it’s an improvement but many of us see it this exact menu in 24FPS. Thank god we moved away from gamebooks, we have screens to look at! (2 red points)
-> Unit count in replays - not sure about the units but seeing how many workers a player has in the replay is a good thing to have. (2 green points)
-> way to reference a player without typing their exact name - none, lol (2 red points)

[P3] Abort game start if a player leaves a lobby during the countdown (investigation) (1 point)
[P3] Observer desyncs (1 point)
[P3] Consolidation of some or all gateways (1 point)

-> so now if my oppo doesn’t like my race he can disconnect and move to his next match and I have to wait again 430 seconds in order to find another oppo. Bravo! (1 red point)
-> oh wow, did you watch your own tournament - KSL? :smiley: (1 red point)
-> consolidate the matchmaking, separate the player base (1 red point)

[P4] Clan (0,5 points)
[P4] BWAPI (0,5 points)
[P4] Further league divisions (investigation) (0,5 points)
[P4] Racepicking (investigation) (0,5 points)
[P4] API to replace the web calls that relied on (0,5 points)
[P4] Minimap separator line in certain configs on certain maps (0,5 points)
[P4] /stats to show league rank of play (investigation) (0,5 points)

-> Clan, what? (0,5 red points)
-> BW what? (0,5 red points)
-> Further league, what? (0,5 red points)
-> Race what? (0,5 red points)
-> Starlog got ****ed, we all are ****ed (0,5 red points)
-> Minimap separator - no clue what this is for real (0,5 red points)
-> /stats to show what? (0,5 red points)

Final results from consumer point of view:

  • Blizzard receives 2 green points and 18,5 red points



xD pure gold this is

to be fair though, these are the things they actually did, they just moved it down and out of the list when done:

DONE- (updated 9/24/19)

[P1] [1.23.0] 64-bit
[P1] [1.23.0] Matchmaker algorithm improvements
[P1] [1.23.0] Relaxed input
[P1] [1.22.3] Replay autosave naming
[P1] [1.22.2] Whisper: Error 2:7004 failed to make initial server connection
[P1] [1.22.3] Toggle friends notifications through a command (/f on and /f off), as when it’s only in the menus you cant switch it when on battlenet.
[P1] [1.22.3] /stats disconnects (Restore the disconnect stat in /stats)

[P2] [1.23.1] Force players to actively choose their race in a game lobby
[P2] [1.23.1] Worker count in replays (investigation)
[P2] [1.23.1] Custom colors in games / large palette of player colors
[P2] [1.23.1] Expand map string table (EUD)
[P2] [1.23.0] Friend request error message
[P2] [1.22.4] Show opponent’s rank in matchmaking pre-game popup
[P2] [1.22.4] Add a “Watch Replay” button somewhere in the post-game UI
[P2] [1.22.4] Display race of each player in-game in the diplomacy popup
[P2] [1.22.3] Restore disconnect stat
[P2] [1.22.2] When logging to the server, the default account should be the one that was used last time, not the one with most games / most time played etc.
[P2] [1.22.2] Play sound when someone joins/leaves lobby
[P2] [1.22.3] Friend notifications should not be displayed when DND
[P2] [1.22.3] /dnd should provide some feedback in chat as to what the state is/has been set to
[P2] [1.22.3] /f o should be an alias of /f lo


Thank you for the assistance.
I didn’t notice this list of so tangible improvements compared to the fact that for 20 years a Chinese player finally is on the top of the food chain (ladder) and the only person who can win vs him, is… himself!


Literally pure gold, well done! I mean if they will revert old patch (preferably 1.16.1) the green points will be higher than red lol.

One step forward, two steps back © SC:R Team.


i think the next update should be reverting the server and clients back to 1.16… It was overall a better game. I have seen nothing really positive come from the updates except better graphics… Which I am ok to go with out.

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Um… you literally removed all the things that Blizzard actually completed. See fazek42’s post further up. Blizzard moved these further down the post after completing them.

Using your scoring system and actually taking into account all items, it is 49 Green and 18.5 Red.

Looks pretty good to me? Your post is highly misleading and incompetent at best.


Nothing like convolution the situation to make it fit one’s agenda!

And so, I was hoping someone would set the record straight. Thank you.


If you want to sing this song…

The priority tiers are complete BS.

Incompetent can only be someone who claims that [P1] Team matchmaking is equally important to [P1] [1.22.3] Replay autosave naming

We only used your scoring system…

It just turns out Blizzard actually completed a lot of work in 2019 and you’re embarrassed because your “scoring system” deliberately skipped everything they completed. Now you’re trying to double down on your flawed and biased analysis. So yeah, it is rather incompetent…

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Thank god, not everybody jumped on the “Hurray-let’s-bash-the-Classic-Games-Team-train” again…

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yeah i think overall they have done a good job, regardless of some minor setbacks. The latency system has improved a LOT, 1v1 ranked in spite of some players having reported drophacks is really good overall and the rank system is also good. Yeah, i’d really like to have 2v2’s team matchmaking but it can still wait, im not going to die cuz it doesnt go out. The UI can be improved in several ways, observer mode can definitely improve but this are some minor things, the game is more than playable.

Also you all have to consider that having only invested 10/15 bucks, or even 10 more for the carbot pack, this team is doing a lot of work with little funding. For blizzard, sc:r isn’t a money grab like other games and in terms of profit its not a fear deal for them; after all this is business and you are complaining like you have spent $500 bucks on this. Give the speech of the game been here for 20 years, “blizzard this is unacceptable” blablabla, u only spent 10 bucks. Having said this, i know i’ve already complained about stuff in a recent post, but its only something that should be reversed. It only annoys me that you guys waste time in minor things and you manage time poorly in some cases.

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Threads like this really make me miss the downvote/upvote features of the old forums btw. :slight_smile:


All they are doing is fixing bugs they created and didnt exist in 1.16.1
They created more issues. Fixing bugs that didnt exist before remaster isnt praiseworthy.
It’s like spilling milk and then taking forever to clean it up after it stinks and has gone rotten then when you finally do, you expect praise.


racepicking we decided to give racepicking back to the players… please wait another 2 years till our ‘‘investigation’’ is done thx everybody!?

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nobody decided that, they are just investigating feature is not yet decided.

my post was an obv troll post …

which part sorry? i dont troll i am a mature man.

ummm… just because you troll doesn’t make you immature… just saying buddy… Usually trolling is sarcasm.

Literally everyone has a right to bash the team due to current critical condition of the game. Even Koreans started posting here because they ignore KR forum, just like here. The only defender here is Beast - who’s a well known troll around here who seeks an argument for sake of it to feed himself, who’s clueless about the state of game, don’t even bother engaging him and ignore.

You wanna downvote entire community and playerbase then? Good job by the way, you really know how to push that report button over nothing. Continue behaving that way, the last thing we need on this forum are likes of yours who contribute nothing and deny criticism.


We can summarize the Racepicking dilemma with a single long quote:

"you want Racepicking? play custom games, Rank shall remain Rank, stop bringing your 1.16 culture to Remastered, we dont like it we dont want it, you should train with what is in the Rank pool and with wathever the current Rank algorithm gives you, not just the encounters you like to train, that is what custom games are for. Dont force us to potentially play mirror matches more than 3 times in a row, we already do sometimes and its annoying, dont be selfish. On the other hand i welcome the possibility of allowing Racepicking if the other player also agrees to it in the small seconds window before a game starts, but otherwise no, RACEPICKING SHOULD BE A REQUEST NOT AN IMPOSITION"

Only a toxic beast deals in absolutes…

End of topic please forever.

Also please DEVS dont waste your time changing RANK (Tho performance improvements are always wellcome) right now or implementing Racepicking, there are far more important time investments like TMM/Team Socials, several Quality of Life improvements and Bwapi.