Should I even bother playing as a newbie?

Was gifted this last month I believe from Twitch Prime and I feel intimidated by Starcraft but would love to try it… But I don’t know if It’s worth it since everyone is so experienced with the game. Is it a lost cause or do I have potential?

Hi! Welcome to SC1! :slight_smile:

Have a look at my advice/guide:

You’ll see that I mentioned this:

SCHNAIL only works with Starcraft v 1.16.1, not with Starcraft Remastered. If you beat the hardest bot on SCHNAIL you are as good as a low B on the battlenet ladder, if I’m not wrong.

So, if you beat bots as good as D rank for ICCUP (ICCUP was a 3rd party server, where the best players outside of Korea would play there. Korea is the best at SC1 and they had their own private server - 3rd party - Fish server), then you can start hosting games for 1v1 melee (I don’t mean you should try ladder yet; also don’t join 1v1 UMS maps, they might be rigged). I’d try out ladder after I’d beat the best bot from SCHNAIL, because ladder has smurfs and that’s definitely going to bring your morale down if you keep losing over and over.

Here’s what the rank of the bots used to be back in September 2021 for ICCUP (currently ICCUP ranking is not shown anymore as it is dead):

And here’s how you can check out their exact rank for ICCUP:

Here’s the overall ranking for year 2020-2021:

Some more info on ICCUP. ICCUP got closed down at the start of September 2021, as pointed out here:

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If you want to practice 1v1s you can add me at InitialSteve#1176

I’m F rank with 70ish apm for Zerg and Protoss.

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Thank you for this! I’m going to definitely check that post out.

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

So you think bots are legal, no playing yourself and with cheats all over it? It means you are deluded to the point that, equality doesn’t matter, I will label you as pretegious cheater.

You are basically saying money solves all your problems.

Huh? I’m confused. What’s going on?

Bot Operator, buying more cd keys, getting paid % amount off prize winning, for climing up ladder, with their service.

Using other people’s National ID’s and keep the bot company running with SSN generator.

Making fictional history on top of their history, thus called VPN, virtual private network. Blaming ancestors, whatever ID they get from the machine, blaming on the person’s ID they use by typing in message that fits the crime or such things. Working people not excluded. Actually, blizz authenticator might be ok. The other dude on the forum was complain about blizz authenticator for a reason because the account is bot.

Just don’t mind whoever that is. You’ll come across such people in the game.

Potential for what?
If you want to be progamer starcraft player depending on your age, it is probally to late. Either way you would need to play like at least 5 hours a day with with at least 5 hours daily strategy training and 5 hours macro and build order training. For at least 10 years and maybe you beat an korean amateur.

If you want to have fun or just dive a little bit to see if you like the game anybody can do it. Personally i think the whole intimidation game around starcraft broodwar is just a big smoke screen. The harsh reality is most people will never see the top of the ladder and even if they do skill deterioration is a serious thing in starcraft. Ladder is harsh, if you expect to win. Custom games can be fun, with the right people but also can be hell. If you are not that good or just beginning many people will insult you for no reason. Ladder too, but at least there are no annoying teammates. There some fun special custom maps that can be fun to play with others. Other than that some people host lower level games on Big games hunter and fastest as possible maps. Which are a fun way to just build up and fight. But dont expect to get better from those.
You can host your own maps too and play with some random people.
Starcraft can be a fun game, if you dont expect to win. And just try different stuff to improve on your ideas.
Theoreticlly you can just go play ladder or or custom maps or the campaign all fun in their owns ways.
Most Ops build as a beginner Protoss > mass zealots into different tech on one base.
Zerg> mass hydras on 2 base
Terran > Marines vs Zerg, Vulture + mines + Tanks + turrets vs Toss and terran.

You can get pretty high with good build, good decision making and garbage mechanics. So the apm hype is non sense. Non the less mechanics is probally the most fundamental thing in starcraft.
Starcraft is a very good game that helps in life. It teaches efficiency, harsh reality, fun through learning stuff and it has many layers you can take on that will make you a better player. You also will encounter different people sometimes friendly, sometimes they will be your friend for a time until your ways depart. It has so many different custom typ maps that in a way are their own games, so there is a lot of variety. The most fun gameplay wise i have found it to play Marine medic firebat and just go producing macroing on fastest or so or going around with vultures laying mines vs toss :). The macro for bio just feels like you deserve those troops, while laying mines or other typs of micro feel very rewarding aswell.

Well, dont expect much since the game is pretty much dead by now and only few veterans are still actively playing it. I dont think its worth to spend hours training in order to keep up with the playerbase.
Try to play the campaign for starters, then try vs AI and see if you like it.
After you learn the basics, you can take your skills online. You could have fun with competitive matches, but prepare to lose a lot. There are also custom maps, that you can play and have fun as well with other people.

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Only few veterans literally thousands of people around the world, thriving korean, latam communities.
You will always find some game on ladder, most often in custom games, if your internet is good enough you can play different servers.
There is offline campaigns you can enjoy, insurection, not used campaign maps bite the bullet or whatever and doesnt of insane maps to beat, or skill maps to practise skills like muta micro, thousands of custom maps for differnet tastes, tower defence maps, fastest map, etc.
If you are looking for a game you can go back to ever and ever again, because it never change or just minimal this is your game, if you want to test yourself this is your game, if you want to try different systems of work, life this is your game …

It does have a reputation of being really hardcore, but if I could win games as a 12 year old who had no knowledge of what a build order even was I’m sure you’ll be fine, lol. Just take it at your own pace and have fun with it, its just a game.

To be fair though the game has evolved since then (I was 12 in 2003) but some things haven’t really, like protoss mainly massing dragoons