Starting SC1 after SC2

Hey guys,

I just switched over from SC2 to SC1 remastered and have started laddering.

I was diamond 2 level in SC2 and master rank a long time ago (WOL), however im struggling quite a lot in the initial games of SC1, I lost like 6 games in a row before getting my 1st win, and the competition seems really stiff even in the noob leagues.

Just looking for some tips here, is the ladder really really though even in the lower leagues here? Everyone seems to have higher APM than me, and zerg always seems to have a lot of units super fast so I die to the 1st hydra push (I play protoss).

Overall, the game seems super fun so far and I am in it for the long run, but it would be good to know what the differences between SC1 and SC2 are unit wise and how to actually learn to play the game without getting crushed when just starting out.

Kind regards,


Hi! Welcome to SC1! :slight_smile:

I’m not a 1v1 player myself anymore, but even when I started playing years ago, I still felt overwhelmed but the weakest players.

If I were in the same position as you, I’d watch all these great videos made by our beloved Day[9], which cover the basics of Starcraft and a lot more:

After that, I’d check out this page, which presents a compilation of great Starcraft resources, put up together by TheEngineeringBay:

Ultimately, I’d play against the bots created by the community, using SCHNAIL, created by Sonko, found here:
SCHNAIL only works with Starcraft v 1.16.1, not with Starcraft Remastered. If you beat the hardest bot on SCHNAIL you are as good as a low B on the battlenet ladder, if I’m not wrong.

Here’s a video of the creator himself showing how SCHNAIL works:

You can also use, made by icza, to get valuable replays of other players or to upload your own replay for analysis. SCRChart is also a nice tool for replay analysis, made by MasterReY, found here:

I think repmastered works with replays from both 1.16.1 and SC:R, while SCRChart works only with replays from SC:R.


Awesome thank you for the resources!

I’m hoping that I can enjoy this game for another 10 years as its truly enjoyable.

You’re welcome! Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Hey guys one more point, after getting butt kicked for a bit, worked my way up into E league lol.

Just wondering, I had a case where someone gg’d and then disconnected from the game. This however does not count as a win for some reason as the result is “undecided”…

Is this a bug? Or can you just disconnect from the game so you never lose?

Seems a little bit silly, but I know this type of behaviour is common in fighting games like Tekken.

Kind regards,


Its a know issue, because the game works with p2p and the father company dont want to invest in developers or server based information there is no way to see who disconnected first or under which conditions, so it seems reasonable that it doesn’t count as a Lose.

As a side note there is supposed to be a system that checks if a game is a win, lose, or disconnect, its all bs pretty much will always be nothing, just a huge blank like the game never happen.

The normal ratio of this ocurrences in a day laddering could go from 3-20 games to 2-10 games, depending, if you are experiencing any higuer numbers or ratio then you might want to check your own connection like:

  • Using Ethernet instead of WiFi
  • If your Router allows it QoS your Mac address (giving it high priority)
  • Provide port forwarding to port 6112, and if QoS based on port is allowed on your router provide priority to that one (This point is really not relevant as new technology does it for you but is not bad to do it just in case you cant connect to the STUNT for instance, almost never happens)
  • Check what applications you have open while playing, but this makes no sense for connection of above 20 mbs, but if you have a lower connection standard it would be wise to close some process.
  • Dont forget to update your network driver.
  • And remember to remember the name of the people that disconnects, you can find people profiles on the ladder also but not on E league i think, that helps pinpoint what the main account name is, so if you have someone that disconnects and its the same person well… then you have a dropper (someone that disconnects to avoid loses.)