SC:R option not showing

I have paid for the Remastered version and have downloaded the SC. However, in the main menu after starting the game, the HD menu is greyed out and still asks me to purchase the remaster version…I have definitely bought it as it shows under installed menu

I’m having this same exact problem. I start the game and it reverts to the original SC with the option to purchase the Remastered version on the main menu. I double-checked my game list on my account and it says I own the Remastered version.

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This is old post but I claimed the game from the prime BS and woe and behold NOTHING, was wondering if you ever got the HD thing to work?

Howdy AuldCloutie,

I do see the SCR license being added from Prime, so you should have the HD option available in-game. If you don’t have the option in-game then you may need to close the Blizzard app and then delete the temporary files. After that, restart the Blizzard app then launch SCR again.

Zenlaka, deleting the temporary file does nothing, I tried multiple times, even with reinstalling the game from scratch and always restarting the PC. How can we play remastered?

The majority of reports about this is due to people claiming the SCR game to the wrong Battlenet account.