Request for OPEN Btnet code base for posterity

So i am worried about the future of SC Remastered, I feel that we are closer and closer to get our plug to be pulled off, hope I am wrong, but i wonder always what would happen if they just decide…you know, to stop supporting SC Remastered Btnet servers, so no more ladder, accounts etc.

Lately i have been noticing that the time of response of the Blizzard Team is getting slower and more sparse in the following topics:

  1. Give us out Ladder map folder, or explain us why is not there, what is the “logic” behind this.
  2. New season portraits are broken
  3. There is no word or update regarding Team Match Making or BWAPI

so i believe that at this point they are sending a clear message to the community: "You are not a priority, and you should be glad you at least have Btnet on and working" and i ask: What is next?, are they going to take ladder down?, are they going to make a “last patch announcement” … what?.

So the point of this thread is the following, please Blizzard, if you at least are not going to give us better things or even consider creating a DLC with Team Match Making, BWAPI and other QoL improvements at least give us: The source code to make our own SC Remastered servers before you pull the plug. I want to be able to Play Starcraft for years to come online, even if the service is hosted by a third party.

I know this might sound dumb as of 2021, but i feel as time passes this kind of request will make more and more sense: We need to talk together as a community to keep SC Remastered for posterity. If they are not willing to improve the experience at least give us the option to do so please.


The fact that people nowadays(that nowadays being the last 2 years) are looking for/arranging matches via discord rooms and not via ladder, it means that the ladder has become useless for the most part of the playerbase. Here is the next step for remastered. They will eventually stop rolling out new seasons/portraits, and have a standardized set of maps to pick to play 1v1 and thats it.

Bro, forget 2v2 and Bwapi support. They aint happening. There are literally not enough active players to support a 2v2 ladder system anyways. Just accept it and move on.

I would love to see the source code to be officially released by Blizzard, but who am I kidding. They are a company, and naturally they are protective over their property. Let me remind you their new rules about custom mapmaking in reforged, in order for you to understand how they work. They wont let the code out, and out best chances for broodwar source code are lying on reverse engineering.

There is a small hope though. Vicarious Visions, a team from Activision has been recently merged with blizzard in order to support them with the classic games. However I’d like to think realistically and so I believe that the team is here only to help with Diablo2 remaster and probably overwatch and diablo4. Nothing more than that. I wish I am wrong on this call and we might see some action here.

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It is unfortunate that D2 is getting a remaster but I suppose that’s a topic for somewhere else. I’m also a bit worried for SC Remastered; it does seem on the deathbed. But one should indeed remember that the game is a month away from being 23 years old.

Starcraft Brood War will probably keep its functionality but seasons might stop; I’m pretty sure that Diablo 2 has season rollovers still. Been a while since I played so I might be wrong.

2v2 and BWAPI would be stellar and it is a bit hard to simply forget these; one can indeed hope that VV will do something regarding these promised features. Who can tell, though- it might just be the same management under a different name.

I consider it quite a blessing that starcraft is still supported. It isn’t really something to be taken for granted.

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Activision Blizzard won’t even allow the source code for the old Sierra On-Line adventure games to be released. It’s a nice thought but it’s something that is almost never done by game developers and on top of that it could expose a lot of vulnerabilities to hackers.

Fortunately the source code really isn’t needed to run Starcraft Remastered on a 3rd party server. We’re already seeing some groups do it and the Warcraft III community is relying on the option more than ever.

As for SCR support, I don’t see any sign of them not proceeding with more patches and ladder seasons, especially as the game stays up on the digital store. But new features are probably not happening.

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About BWAPI and TMM i know they are a pipe dream really… but i still have a small hope they can DLC that, i could pay up to 20 dollars for it if you know what i mean?, and i think around 30% of the player base would to, wouldn’t you for a “drop file” system similar to maps and .rep files in which you load boats Offline quick?, is not IMPOSSIBLE to implement and think they could profit from a thing like that. And about TMM you are 100% true, there is not enough people for it, but again, why not have an option to “Ladder bots offline” or maybe the Online laddering could include bots if you want (with different point of course because playing humans should always be respected.)

I think that would add more attractiveness to the product, i am just saying that i still have 8% of HOPE regarding this both.

About the Open Code for Btnet… i think that Blizzard will find itself in quite a predicament really, they would either have to support Btnet the way the product description is intended or they will have to pull it off circulation which is to say the least NOT a good decision considering 2019 and 2020 has been for them not perfect… even if they are selling like crazy, the Blizzard bran is deterioration in perception. So i think that they will provide us with means of making third party servers when they realize there is no reason not to do so, for both SC Remastered and Reforged, at least i hope they do, i know that this new Btnet are way more expensive than the classic Iccup or Fish servers but we need that for sure, and i still have the hope they will see that as the correct way to pass the light on legacy products.

I only have the free SCR, so I don’t have ladder, but I think they afraid that the ladder maps can be rigged like mentioned here, I provided a solution for this problem there, but I don’t know why they didn’t listen :thinking:.

With a new team handling classic games Its far to early to speculate on what’s to come for the game.
Although I believe SC:R War3RF and diablo 2 remaster will will be given attention again within this next year.