*Map Rigger / Cheater on USWest*

Hello Battle.net, I normally never make threads as I am a very old school player, if there are issues I understand they are usually worked out and Blizzard does there best, I enjoy my time on BW since 97-98 and I enjoy my time with Remastered now.

There is only one issue I have at the moment with Remastered, there is a player on USWest that literally changes names every day, rigs maps ( Blood bath, Lost Temple, Fighting Spirit) to name a few, he hosts 1:1 Public games on USWest, and every single game he has modified the map so he has 1 Pixel choke points (1 worker can block the choke @ ramp), and Fastest mineral (Infinite minerals in main).

Sure, people would say “This is not that big of a deal”, but to a player who enjoys warming up on Public games before ladder, this is ridiculously frustrating to hit the same player EVERY DAY on a different map, of course I usually know it is him because he talks like such an idiot switches ID’s, always hosts 1v1’s with the name like “>>@@ 1v1 Fighting Spirit <<@@” " >// 1v1 Blood Bath\< " , etc.

I don’t expect someone to be such a low life that they actually are on the same server every day ruining peoples experiences by rigging maps / usually beating 10-20 people before losing a game and then creating a new ID.

Of course the Report system does LITERALLY NOTHING, so I came here to voice my opinion / frustrations on the matter. Something like this shouldn’t be allowed.

Incase you are wondering he plays on One vs One / Top vs Bottom mode, I didn’t think it was possible to have it so you spawn in the same location every game on one vs one mode on a 4 player map, but apparently it is.


https:// imgur. com/a/AJwQzwx (Screen shot of player admitting to rigging maps, saying its not against Blizzard TOS) LMFAO

http:// bwreplays. com/3az42 151652,Fighting Spirit 1.3.rep (Replay of him rigging FS on One vs One mode)

http:// bwreplays. com/d6g63 195549,(4)Blood Bath.rep (Rigging Blood bath / also 1 pixel space on choke, different ID random #'s)

http:// bwreplays. com/qdm84 200935,(4)Blood Bath.rep (Another replay, same map, same guy, same ID)

This player needs to be IP banned for ruining peoples experience in the game, I am not the only person he has done this to, infact he is on USWest now and basically every day rigging maps and it needs to be put to an end.


lol i remember playing vs this a similar kid that had a rigged map like this, like very little minerals in all bases except my main and some more few bases (his base had 2 gases and all mineral patches were like 20 thousand). All gases except his had like 8 gas amount so u ran out and it was depleted. When i realized i told him, son i still can get gas from depleted geysers and proceeded to stomp him nevertheless. He started insulting me and then he dced. Lmao for real, i don think this is rly important, but it is curious he managed to get the correct starting position every single game.

People should not be allowed to rig maps and host them in public games, it should be against the TOS as it is purposefully cheating / ruining peoples experience.


Ok? lol, plugging your Coach AI thing is pointless Moataz… get a life =\

Human coach, actually this AI understands better than you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.
Anyone who understad the basics of IT (file checksum/hash), not you of course, GGzerg/Telecom…

Will know how to solve this map rigging problem based on my previous post.

You are all talk Moataz lol, I think your program is amazing and I would love to use it, although no, no AI can solve this problem with map rigging public game hosters lol…anyone with a brain knows this man.

I’m all talk? you’re right, but I’m trying to be decent player, having no mmr/skills doesn’t mean the tool I’ve made is useless, hopefully, I can be better at the end of this CPL.

What I was saying is Bli :zzz: rd could implement a method to check if map signature is the same as original (not rigged), its very easy technique, I wasn’t talking-about /referring-to my tool at @ll.

Also I think any programmer/IT can make a small tool to check for that, maps that you don’t already have goes in:


So I guess checking this folder for rigged maps could solve the problem.

gOOD IDEA! You are very smart I know, show me links to your website / AI coach man

But does this solves your problem :thinking:

Moataz. Give me your discord, I would like to talk with you about some programming business opportunities.

He’s not really doing anything against the rules, in fact the editing capabilities are going implied with this game and one can’t really restrict them like that. Sounds to me like you’re not paying enough attention when joining stuff (to the fact that map isn’t downloaded, for one), should start with that imo.


The only way to tell is if you check minimap before game, and prior to that if the minimap bugs out, there is no way to tell until it is too late.

Please explain, you’ve experience about that?

If the map is not the common/official version that you presumably already played or otherwise obtained, you don’t have it downloaded. If you don’t have it downloaded, minimap, map name and force names won’t be loaded, which can be seen from the game selection screen as well as from the lobby itself.

I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say, whether you’ve the map downloaded before or don’t, and there is an indicator for both cases, how this makes you sure that the downloaded map is original or not, or solve the map rigging problem?

And how can force name even appear in Melee Game Type?

My solution was:

whats yours?

Just make sure you keep only the common/official versions somewhere in the /maps that is not /downloads, and clear /downloads every so often.

W/e, I don’t play melee.

This solution is pretty good actually, except it’s not exactly going to work out for anyone in Remastered.

I didn’t say it should work for scr, I was hoping Bli :zzz: ard will implement it…
Or give me access to the C++ source code to do it for them :rofl:

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