Remastered Version Not In account after Prime Offer Redeem

I redeemed the offer with Prime Gaming to get the Starcraft: Remastered Version.
Yet it doesn’t display in my games. I thought if I installed it it would Install the Remastered version, but alas the Remastered Version is still displayed as available for purchase in the Store. What can I do? Is this in your Side or on Prime Gaming Side?


Having the same problem. Everything processed in Prime like it went through and linked the accounts. Yet, no remastered version in my library and still shows as available for purchase in store.

Same. Game is displayed in library as “StarCraft” with the “StarCraft Remastered” picture.
In the Shop are two different offers:
-“StarCraft” Free to play
-“StarCraft Remasteres” 14,99€

I’m having the same problem.
Paid for prime, yet the precious ain’t mine.

Same issue. Redeemed the Prime Gaming code yesterday, but SC: Remastered isn’t showing up as purchased.


This is a sign the Desktop app hasn’t updated to you having access to the game. I recommend the following steps to help force the Desktop app to update:

  • Clear the Files and cache folders. Before launching the Desktop app restart the PC this will help ensure all processes related to the program are reset.


I am having the same issue with having claimed the remastered version on Amazon Prime Gaming and it’s not showing up on my account.

Experiencing the same issue.

This solution did not work for me. Still having the same issue, tried changing regions, did not work. Reinstalled did not work.


I just claimed the Amazon Prime deal, the remastered still shows in the store for $14.99 but if I actually select it to purchase it shows I already own it. It’s also my understanding it replaces the original game and when you play the original it allows you to toggle between original and HD graphics. You guys should try running Starcraft and see if you’ve got the HD graphics available or not.

8-21-2022 at 5:30 PM - PDT

I remember when SC:R first came out that people were complaining in the same manner as now. Then, the answer turned out to be that in launching 'Battle . net ’ App, in SC:R, the game window, (instead of just showing ‘Play’), showed an almost Full Screen Image of an ‘Ad’ that stated ‘Buy SC:R $14.99’…

Look carefully at this ‘Ad’ Graphic and in the upper right corner you ‘should’ see an ‘X’ to close the Ad and THEN be able to click ‘Play’ for SC:R, AND get the Remastered Game and Graphics.

I hope this helps everybody, and I hope it is just this simple issue, again.


Yeah that was the first thing I looked at but no dice, still greyed out and unable to change the option even did the F5 option but nothing. Uninstalled SC, deleted caches, deleted folders, restarted computer etc. Did the HD option show up for you immediately after you claimed it?

Is that a toggleable option or something? Cause I’m not getting that advert you are referring to, I have seen images about it, also looked at forums with this same issue all the way back to 2017.

5:52 PM - PDT

I only remember the Ad showing the first time that ‘Battle . net’ App got launched AFTER purchasing SC:R and running the App the first time after purchasing… So, you’d launch ‘Battle . net’, click on ‘SC’, (which would be SC:R after purchasing), and the Ad would just be there.

Once you clicked the ‘X’ to close the Ad, it never came back. So, if you have NO Ad at this time, but CANNOT launch SC:R, then something else is going on.


Right, and just to verify, this option is suppose to be in SC original as a toggleable HD option? I can launch SC original and play just fine and dandy.

same exact issue. No SC remastered, but if I say buy now it says I already own it.

Howdy AuldCloutie,

I looked over the situation and in your case, I believe you have been logging into the game with the wrong email.

If y’all still have an issue, sometimes resetting the password to the account can help force this to update. If that doesn’t help, I recommend creating a support ticket with screenshots of that Video menu page and your system files, so we can get this investigated. Make sure to include a list of the steps you have already tried to avoid any confusion.

I am also having this problem. I double checked the account and I know its right.

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If you already own SC:R, does this offer give you a gift code? It shows that it was successfully claimed but I don’t see anything regarding whether or not it gives existing owners an additional copy.

Does not work…I only have standard version. Please assist?