[Poll] Worker counts in replays

Hi all

I wanted to take a quick poll on adding worker counts to replays.

Do you want them:

  • Yes
  • No (keep it the way it is)

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and in observer mode while we’re at it :thinking:


Agree - adding it to observer mode as well will be huge


you’re right. mca64 launcher had this option and it was great.


Worker count should definitely be in reps but i dunno about obs mode/normal games. Takes a bit away from the way BW is/gets casted (you’re not bombarded w/ information).


Probably true, but could just build a toggle for it, on/off.

could be toggled then. bw is also casted from reps…


This would be useful for replays.

I don’t want it in obs. I don’t want casted games to revolve around watching a production bar.


is this really happening wait… omg.

Please worker numbers are such an important thing to have, i dont play Starcraft that much anymore, but i am sure people would love this feature.

Another thing that would be AWESOME to have is “players clicks/mouse movement history”, the way i see it it would be awesome to be able to pause a game open a log file and check what are the players clicking and pressing.

This last thing is available in BWchartz as everyone here knows, i am just saying that it would be a DREAM to have the option to see what players are clicking (and if they left or right click) inside a replay !!!

Thank youso much for this sherman dad.

As long as it is not being added to the Observer mode, I am in favor of this addition. Watching BW would lose a lot of its magic for me, if you could actually see how much one player is ahead over another. Even Artosis and Tasteless are not in favor of having worker counts and the production tab, etc. in Observer mode, which they have said in the ASL broadcasts.


Observer mode should have the option to have a production bar and worker counts etc… but as SuGo says this should be OFF as default and to turn it on it has to be done by the host at the moment of creating the game.

Only for custom of course.

And if this comes to happen i wish tastetosis never use it on streams, events and tournaments. Maybe in qualifiers and things like that?,

i like streams and events the way they’ve been for years. But let people have a better observer experience in custom games, adn give the power to the host.

If you add a feature like this to Observer mode, it most likely is going to be used - even in situations where you do not want it to be used.

I would guess it is also hard from a hosts perspective to decide when to use what feature, etc. So the practical solution would be to just use them always, if only to avoid the critizism and controversy around not using something that is considered a “feature” anyways.

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is ok then, i agree don`t have it for Observer Mode it creates to much dumb problems, including people cheating and boring SC2 style streams. Agree 100%. I am just happy the team is thinking of implementing this to replay mode.


the casters manually count probe death counts by having observer drag number of workers whenever theres worker harassment… (korean cast)

how would worker count make things worse?

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It will be great tool for analysis for replays but I don’t really want it on obs mode (make it toggled).

No, don’t touch the the observer mode plz. I wanna see the game, not a bunch of numbers.

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It takes away the human factor and replace it with numbers.
Also it’s a slippery slope, we don’t wanna end up like sc2 where the numbers are more important than the excitement of a sport event.

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Absolutely, Artosis talked about the lost of excitement in the sc2 casting in a pylon show

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Because manually counting workers is so exciting, right?