Patch Notes

Greetings all,

Patch 1.23.9 has arrived!

Welcome to Season 10!

  • Dark Archon portrait and Protoss frame rewards for ranked matchmaking S, A, B, and U.

Map Pool Update

  • (2) Eclipse 1.2
  • (3) Ascension 1.0
  • (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3
  • (4) Good Night 1.31
  • (4) Largo 1.5
  • (4) Polypoid 1.65
  • (4) Revolver 1.0

(Note: For the first two weeks, ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season’s data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.)


Thank you for the new season though is hard to understand how each season is now a year lasting when last seasons where 4 or 5 months long. Is this going to be the new standard?,

Time to Veto FS.

Please BLIZZARD we need transparence about this promised topics and some other i believe are important:

  1. Where is Team Match Making? (It was promised over OFFICIAL Blizzard Starcraft channel by Grant Davis). We are still waiting for it and its almost 3 years with no response. Also Pete Stillwel mentioned Team Match making to be a thing to come prior to the Remastered release of SCRM. We are still waiting.

  2. Please fix and improve RANK, do something about smurf account. Make the Losing/Win MMR points to be based on logic, is not fair that people with higher MMR create a new account and they are taking points of lower Rank players as if they would have no central higher rank account,

  3. Please implement BWAPI and other AI frameworks, this was also promised by Grant Davis.

  4. Expand the universe of players by allowing the people with the free version to join both the 1v1 and upcoming Team Match Making official ladder. they wont get official points but let them play aka “quick game button”. The player pool is too small, it would be a smart idea to allow player that own the free version to join said games.

  5. Please provide new skins, portraits an other purchasable items, we want things to purchase for the game.

Please don’t let Classic SC die… this is one of the oldest Intellectual Properties of BLIZZARD, a beloved game that deserves praise and respect. Please we want new things and at least the things that where promised before by official Blizzard staff members.


@Cydra just tell your bosses in Activision Corporate that you want to make Ladder into a paid annual service. The prospect of shi-shing $$$ should at least get you a few minutes of their time as that is all Activision cares about.


Thanks for new season. A little disappointing is that it is same as season 8 portrait reward.


Please ban Hack user in ladder


4 years since the realese and still no 2x2 ladder matchmaking! Dissapointement


Yes, at least if it was the season 9 portrait that was buggued and still not rewarded >.<

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Kudos to Blizzard for their continued support for upgrading our favorite game. They don’t have to and we are eternally grateful that they do.


Thank you for the support of the game!!! I hope Activision-Blizzard doesn’t shut down Starcraft completely. :pensive:

I think that there may be people with weak graphics cards even in 2021. So therefore it is good that they can play games from the late 1990’s still, to be more manly in an evil world.