Patch 1.23.8 Notes

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.23.8 has arrived!

Welcome to Season 9!

New Queen and Zerg portrait rewards for ranked matchmaking S, A, B, and U.

Map Pool Update

  • (2) Benzene 1.1
  • (2) Eclipse 1.2
  • (3) Plasma 1.0
  • (4) Optimizer 1.0
  • (4) Polypoid 1.60
  • (4) Ringing Bloom SE 2.0
  • (4) Shakuras Temple 1.1

(Note: For the first two weeks, ranks will be MMR bucketed based on last season’s data. After which we will switch to the percentage-based breakdown above.)

New portraits have been added for players when they buy the BlizzConline 21 bundle:

  • Blackthorne
  • Diablo
  • Nova
  • Qhira
  • Rock & Roll Racing
  • Thrall
  • Lost Vikings

Great, any news on BWAPI and Team Match making please?, at least give us the bad news straight away please be transparent.


Dear Cydra. Plz consider changing Plasma for Sylphid. Please check your stats to check that almost every player vetoed this thing.Im not even going to start with the rest of the maps. But plasma was played in the last ASL is not even a reason to have it in the mappool anymore.


Just veto sir, otherwise back to one base muta with overload drop.plasma is fun.

Please remove Plasma and Benzene, and bring back at least Sylphid.


Also I thought Fighting Spirit would at least remain a consistent map in the pool due to the sheer difficulty in picking up BW. I know that as experienced players we take it for granted, but the maps are hard to understand, even a great one like Sylphid. Fighting Spirit, while not being exactly balanced, it felt approachable and understandable to introduce new players to the game.

While BW doesn’t get a lot of new players, it still does and adding another obstacle hurts that further. I know when introducing friends having FS and CB as a constant was meaningfully helpful to them.


I am glad that CB and FS are gone. Playing on them got so stale and even boring.


I can understand that. That’s why my point was on the benefit to new players, I can understand removing one of them, but I feel like keeping just one map slot to provide some sort of onramp for new players has a lot of value.

I get not using up 2 of the 7 slots for maps veterans might veto, but I think 1 to help players in already the hardest game is pretty reasonable.


Why remove FS and CB? there are a lot of people that dont follow korean scene, why put maps that people dont want to play and is not friendly for new players? this is Starcraft not korean starcraft, at least put more options for check and ban in the pool maps, this season will be so bored with that map pool…

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Shakuras Temple and especially Polypoid does the job as well. In many ways, Polypoid is a more balanced version of FS. Not every map of the ladder pool is Plasma.

Thinking CB and FS are the only “standard” maps just is a wrong notion. FS and CB have also very distinct and unique map features that distinguish them from other maps. If you can only play on FS, you are only good on FS. Period.

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Did anyone get a Season 9 Ladder Map pack folder in their maps directory? It seems like mine didn’t update with a season 9.

What were the changes in patch 1.23.7? We never got notes for that.

The folder for Season 9 is not there in Ladder folder. Can anyone see if they experiencing the same issue?

In the middle of BSL ladder XDD Nice one Blizz LOL


Soo… why keep Plasma if FS and CB are removed? That makes literally no sense.


there are a lot of people that dont follow korean scene, why put maps that people dont want to play and is not friendly for new players? this is Starcraft not korean starcraft

This is poorly phrased: It is my understanding that the korean community is one of the major reasons that FS/CB were in all the pools for so long, as pre-RM those two maps were basically the only ones that were being played on the korean fish server by the community at large (not pros).

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Will FS and CB return?
If im not mistaken Blizz wanted to leave those maps in the map pool because many people love them.
I really like playing on them and am not happy that they are not in the map pool anymore.

Also if im not mistaken the whole point of new maps each season is for the game to not get stale and boring right? If thats the case then why leaving Polypoid, Eclipse and Plasma for the 3 seasons in a row? Plasma especially is a map that most people dont play and if im not mistaken its also an old map. If FS and CB were too old and everyone wanted them gone then why Plasma is still in the map pool? ^^

I don’t have this season map folder, anyway to get it?


Profe, es un problema que aun no han arreglado y probablemente nunca arreglen asi son estos Blizzards.