Patch 1.23.8 Notes

Blizzard, the maps for this season aren’t in the ladder folder. It’s missing a Season 9 folder


Ive also noticed that… I prefer to take a good look at the map in the game before i start laddering…

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There were probably none (of the significant variety, anyway). This one doesn’t seem to have them either - which, if true, is a good thing for modding. 1.23.7 already required no updates to the modding utilities that sometimes had to be made after previous patches (and even some hotfixes) since it was only a seasonal update, not a true patch per se.

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I was looking through match history of a player on the ladder and I found a potentially very dangerous bug that can potentially DOXX a user.

This person’s match history, in the table of the “map” name, displays in certain rows of the table, the directory on their computer where the autosave file is located instead of the map name itself. This includes their real name or name they use on their device.

This HAS to get fixed asap. I have a screenshot of this if the developer wishes to see evidence of this.


The sad truth? is that they already took our Map Folder because they dont want to deal with “versions” and that kind of things, Grant use to do that… they wont give us any of that MILLON DOLLAR SERVICE… with that thing you are asking them to change they will even turn off the Btnet service for match history… as they dont want to deal with anything SCRemastered related, Blizzard is a company that is looking to sell product in China period we are nothing for them, lets keep this request to the minimum… or they will take more things from us.

The only thing that we should be claiming as a community is for the game to go Open Source, so we in the future can bring back ICCUP or something, otherwise we are living in the shell of something that was and never will be again.


From the perspective of players who like StarCraft but can’t play games well, this patch is a little regrettable.
FS and CB were the most familiar maps for beginners like me. ㅠㅡㅠ;;


for beginners or lower level players losing those two maps probably hurts. For high level veterans it is highly appreciated. Been wanting one or both of those removed for a long time now.

please consider introducing 6 and 8 player maps in the ladder - we really need some new maps for 2v2 and 3v3 (when unfortunately including at least 2v2 in the ladder is not planned)

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FS is a rather bad map in today’s meta anyways… So glad it’s gone.

My only criticism would be that Plasma is in the pool for a second time because it is one of those maps that depend on people not figuring out the meta/ the optimal way to play on it. Because of its strategic and imbalanced nature, it should not be in the pool for more than 1 or 2 seasons max.

most people got it on their ban list. the Map should’ve been swapped with another 3 spawn map.

Hi, is there any update on M1 compatibility?

I second this post lasdjfl;asd

no one likes plasma make it go away maybe adding voting like aoe de does

I like Plasma is the map i enjoy playing the most, and also the one i also have the worse loses ever.


I’m not sure where to post this issue. But when playing the melee map (Zero Clutter, no rush Map Max), on original units. The game will drop suddenly where all 6 players will drop instantly with no countdown screen, or sometimes 1 shortly after the players drop. This has been going on FOR YEARS. We have a community of about 100 or so players that play this map/style all the time and it completely ruins the games. Could you please help with this issue?