Patch 1.23.1 Notes

I have one account which is this one thanks. And as deadlypants said, the communication in team games is compromised with the new colours. I don’t think you even play team games sissygasm92 if you support the patch, you’re just a troll looking for an argument

Example: if I use shift tab to identify my team as all yellow, let’s say my partners are both zergs and player 1 on my team says send me tanks, I now have to shift tab again to revert back to his original colour, go to the ally menu, look at his colour then close the menu and shift tab again for team colours. How is that progression ? Seriously inconvenient

I don’t have anything against colours or skins unless it’s interfering with the basics of team game’s. In this situation it is, it’s confusing and detrimental to the game. Why are you so quick to defend the colour update when so many others have the same views as me with it being confusing? The shift tab fix is not a good solution from the example I posted. Also you can shift tab and put your team as yellow and have an enemy player skinned as yellow. Tell me that’s not a headache ?


Just ignore Sissygasm92.
I only very rarely play team games (and certainly not recently), but I can easily see the problem. I also wouldn’t call myself a pro, but I understand the necessity of needing to process information quickly and the problems that these similar colours bring.

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simply remove colors


^ dwegumis1 - another smurf lol. There are like 3-4 ppl here who proposed color removal and around 10 smurf accounts of them.

How about your teammates/opponents choose normal colors before game starts or just create same lobby but in UMS settings (colors will be normal). If your teammates/opponents choose extended colors then they like it and the problem here is you so stop deciding for everyone.

Says the guy who thinks 2x2 means something lol, there isn’t even ladder for you so QQ more.

Colors stay forever.

So your solution is to delay every lobby from starting by arguing with people to switch their colours before the game starts. Not to mention a good portion of those players don’t speak English making it even harder and more delayed which is just going to result in a longer wait to get a game going and more players being banned and discouraged from playing

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Just a quick note to say that we’re listening to all the opinions on the colors - and thanks all for the feedback. We’ll make some changes based on suggestions here to find a happy medium - with the goal of addressing concerns regarding similar colors but at the same time not removing all of the new colors (since plenty of people are liking them).

So let’s see how these changes go and circle back after the next patch.


Just as a suggestion, i think one idea of a solution is to add a simple “Extended colors” option in the “Create Game” menu that is turned off by default, meaning that if someone would check this option ON the game room created would have the option of choosing the new colors.

Personally i like the new colors, thank you even if its an addition that we where not expecting or waiting, is nice to know you guys are always thinking of adding new stuff that might surprise us in a positive manner.

As another suggestion the order of the colors in the sub menu should have the Classic Red, Blue in the top, and some of the other classic colors like brown, teal etc, then a small line separator should separate from the other “newest” colors at the bottom.

Maybe you guys can create a “small loop” that checks if colors that are to similar are being used in the game Room, and have some sort of messaged drooped in the chat room if that happens.


Yo thanks Grant for clearing this out. I support lobby choice since day 1 and just like The100YOU said it could be neat if you sort colors from normal ones down to extended ones.


This **** with all the modifications it’s not a remake anymore. They should add the options to play the vanilla game with HD graphics. They should just leave it the way it is, i am sure that they will break it. It is obvious that Blizzard can not create something that good anymore.

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Exactly this, an option to turn on or off the extended colors is such an obvious solution to this.

Just remove extended colors from TvB and all is good.

Green replaced Brown on the desert maps and white on the snow maps, for obvious reasons.

Still getting broken replays.
Last one was just yesterday. :sweat:

I want to report a bug about new colour.

Some time I and my allies see DIFFERENT colour on same player. for example, once I saw a player in BROWN but my allies saw him in ORANGE. I realized that when they said “go to orange” but I saw no one in Orange. Asked them and they confirmed that they saw different colours as I saw. That happened NOT once.

FYI: I play SC remastered on a PC which is not able to turn on real time lighting, I play on HD mode - not 4k, and on Windowed (full screen) mode.


This happened to me as well!
But I don’t really play 3v3s, because of the new colours it is basically unplayable. I guess the number of games/players must have dropped. Unfortunately the very few people who love the colours (colours are great but not in this way) are way too loud here in the forum compared to the infinite other players who hate it in 3v3/4v4 because it is unplayable. But we won’t get this fixed until the next patch…


Everyone here is focusing on the expanded color palette, but they actually increased the string limit for UMS mapmakers!!!

Thank you a million times over to the Classic Games team for doing this. It’s a really big deal, as this has been a HUGE obstacle for people creating large-scale RPG maps among other things for so many years. Thank you again.


Best rpg ever made with sc engine?
My opinion is death knights 3.
Id love to check out more

Been getting broken replays for years.

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You know people, one thing I wish would be add, it’s that it would be possible to watch old and any (2001-2019) replay without them being bugged out. That (and database with old tourney/gosus replays etc) is huge, really ^^

also funny that, even if VODs (old OSL, MSL etc VODs) would be released in HD for download, people would pay for it, but there is not enough worth content to pay for.


You need to fix the way Internet works, get a gaming VPN and a better ISP for instance.