New Ladder Map Pool Update – September 22


We’ve updated the Ladder map pool today as below.

New Map Pool:

  • (2) Butter 2.0c
  • (2) Eclipse 1.2
  • (3) Neo Sylphid 3.0
  • (4) Nemesis 1.0
  • (4) Vermeer SE 2.1
  • (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3
  • (4) Polypoid 1.65

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Cydra! This is an amazing map pool

Excellent map pool!! thanks for the update

Excellent map pool Cydra!! thanks for the update

Thank you so much Cydra!

Good news! Now please recycle old season’s portraits and you’ll be our hero Cydra! Please!

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It’s good to know that we’ve got some people listening and taken action over at Classic Games. Still, some more consistent communication would also be appreciated. I would especially like to hear some clarification about how often new seasons and map pools can be expected going forward.


put allegro again and pull nemesis or sylphid please

it was enough if only the version was updated but why did change some maps themselves?

i can’t understand

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Can you recycle old portraits if you aren’t going to give us new ones?

Can you recycle old portraits if you aren’t going to give us new ones?

Cаn you recycle old portrаits if you аren’t going to give us new ones?

I just want you to know that since 1998, You tried to explain but Blizzard rose to the fame. I tried claiming my love for this game just to get punished. Now in this discussion, I will make it public just to show how Starcraft functions without adding in another conjunction.

Where is season 12? z

Hi what does those update means ? New to this stuff

9 maps are too many maps. please 7 maps.