Making the campaign HARDER

Hello everyone!
Ive always enjoyed the campaigns and would like to Play Them again soon.
The only problem is that its way to easy and i consider myself average
with an APM around 120/150.
So is there any script or something out there??

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Luckily for you I’ve already done it in this thread, it has some issues but for the most part it gets the job done. It also has all the rest of the single player content ever made by Blizzard as a bonus.

Ive just finished the vanilla Terran campaign and almost the Zerg campaign, and so far i am very impressed my friend ) only bug i encountered so far was on the mission where u cannot harm the Zerg buildings, wich the protoss then did and i lost, however it was easy to bypass just by defending the zerg from Protoss attacks.
Can definitly recommend this

So far, I have found two reworks of the campaigns, both promising more difficulty, and better difficulty (as in, smarter AIs, better sidequests, etc…) and one even changing the game radically, from heroes to techtrees, to a whole new playable techtree, and two-player campaign missions. You can check them in #project-hydra in the following Discord server : https [:] //discordapp [dot] com/invite/s5SKBmY. The other campaign is named SC Alternate, and is available on staredit !
(Remember it’s a private server, so stay cool !)