[Main Thread] Hosting Game, but Others Cannot See Game

I am having these issues also. I can not see a lot of games my friends are joining now too? This happened when I opened up ports.

Same issue here as well, been told by someone online that the latest patch split the US West servers. Can’t confirm that but sucks having 8 friends I cannot game with. Blizzard what is going on?


This also happend to me.
I tried public and password protected games, changing the server from USWest to other, changing the region in Battlenet Launcher… Etc

This happend only with specific users and It changes from one user to another. Also join by friend link is not possible.

Trying to join to regular matches I can see a very low number of matches regarding the usual number of it

I moved this over to its own thread since the other one was inactive for quite some time. I’m keeping this separate, since it does sound a bit different to the Broken Ladder, Leaderboard, User Profiles and Invalid Password on Custom Games.

Let’s gather the same information for the time being and if we can verify this a bit further, get this tracked for our team to look into further.

  • Gateway (ie. US West):
  • Region (ie. USA):
  • What issue are you running into? (ie. Ladder & Leaderboard):

Thanks for your reports and any additional information is greatly appreciated.

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Gateway: US West
Region: USA
Issue: Frequently cannot see or join games made by people in same Gateway and Region.

I don’t think the gateway / region matters – everyone seems to have the same issue. It’s sporadic. Sometimes I host a game and friends can join. But sometimes they get “Invalid Password” or cannot see the game in the list.

Sometimes, I restart the game and it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s very frustrating as it seems to be random. It seems to be player dependent. As in, I can host and a certain subset of friends can join every time, but the other subset cannot every time. It’s happening quite frequently.

It is NOT Random:

I speculate there are currently 1, 2 or 3 U.S West Servers going on right now-- and they are not merging. When you log in – you are assigned to 1st , 2nd, or 3rd server… each server has their own set of players and their own set of game lists. This is the reason why you can not join your friend’s game and he/she can not join yours because you guys are on different U.S West server.

You want proof? I asked a friend to take a picture of HIS UMS lobby list and I took a picture of MINE UMS lobby list-- these are two different list for U.S West. Link to the pictures are included below. Starcraft creators, software developers , server administrators, technical support have failed us – every time they patch or do an update on Starcraft BroodWar it causes more and more havoc on the game itself: Glitches, Game being frozen, Game aborting, Errors, Previous games being unabled to launch with the every new patch. I speculate that Blizzard does not want us to play Starcraft anymore — planned obsolescence through update patches: making the game unbearable to play or enjoy - It is with great disappointment to see Blizzard giving up on the small community of players that truly enjoy the game that started it all.

here are the link to the pictures:

Picture 1: cdn.discordapp(dot)com/attachments/691797160525692980/769703496747450448/unknown.png
Picture 2: cdn.discordapp(dot)com/attachments/691797160525692980/769703576275779594/unknown.png

Picture 1: ibb(dot)co/hg1GQLz
Picture 2: ibb(dot)co/8MrmH0m

Picture 1: imgur (dot) com/VjpWAqe
Picture 2: imgur(dot)com/kGvv3W2

Picture 1: postimg.cc/JshcpNvd
Picture 2: postimg.cc/21XdMqfj

If you want a different site for me to post the pictures let me know.

I can confirm that this is happening. For the purposes of this post we’re always using the US West Server and the America Region. When I talk about different “server”, I mean a different instance of the lobby list of the US west server.

You can be in the same chat channel in the same server as someone else(e.g. Brood War En-3 in the US West Server) so you can chat to each other, but the game list that you see is different and you cannot join games that your friend hosts, because your lobby list is different. I just tested this with yotto. I can confirm that what he experiences also happens to me - the game list that I see is different from the game list that he sees. When that happens, we’re basically on a different lobby list and to solve it we have to restart the game. Restarting the game(without changing region) can send you to a different “lobby list”. However, the chat channels are separate and unaffected by this bug, so we can be in the same channel, chatting together, but we see a different game list. I can also post pictures of this:

Here are 2 pictures of what is happening (replace the “(dot)” text with a “.” and open it to see the picture, otherwise the forum probably blocks links)

Pic 1 - media.discordapp(dot)net/attachments/469650808309547048/769798704772153344/unknown.png

This is the main problem - On the left is my view of the lobby list, on the right is the view of my friend, yotto, of the same lobby list, in the same server(US West). You could see below that we chatted together, so we’re actually in the same chat channel. However, we see completely different games and if I host a game he cannot join it and vice versa.

Pic 2 - media.discordapp(dot)net/attachments/469650808309547048/769800728738267136/unknown.png

This shows what happens if I try joining a game that another of my friends had joined when i switched the server. Currently I could only see 2-3 UMS games hosted on the US West server, and on the “default” server there are usually 20+ games hosted. So I’m in the “wrong” server and joining a friend directly causes me to get an “error - that game probably started”, but it’s not started, it’s actually impossible to join the game no matter what I do, I can’t even see the game in the lobby list.

(HOW TO SOLVE IT for players)
The server that you are assigned to gets changed when you restart the game, so if you exit Starcraft and Start the game again, you might get a different server assigned to you. Usually you’ll get the “default” server where most games and players are and then you can play with other people. If not, you’ll get one of the “empty” servers with 5-10 players and you can only play with those few players.

I’m not sure if this also happens to ladder games, but I won’t be surprised if this is the case( I haven’t tested ladder games, it’s just a guess, I’m interested in the lobby games of unranked / UMS games).

I hope that Blizzrad understands the problem and fixes it.

Just a small note on how to reproduce the issue - restart the game a few times, for me the lobby list changes at least once when i restart the game 3-5 times, so I see a different lobby list. Last time I did this I saw 15 games in 1 lobby list and 50 games(and they don’t overlap, so they’re actually totally different games hosted by different people) in the other, so you can imagine the different number of players in each lobby list.

Gateway: Europe
Region: Russia
Issue: Cannot join games, people cannot join to my games - “Unable to join game”.

Sometimes it is broken, sometimes everything works fine. But most of the time the issue is present. To join to a friend’s game, I must immediately jump into his game and so does he to join my game. If I miss that little time window between create and join - I get “unable to join game”. And the last two-three days it was nearly to impossible to join to almost all the games.

Switching to other gateways sometimes can help, but mostly don’t. Restarting SC:R sometimes can help too.

Gateway: Europe
Region: Germany
Issue: Cannot join games, people cannot join to my games

I cant join hosted games of my friend and he cant join my hosted games. If I want join game over Friendlist I get “unable to join game - game is already started”. But games isnt started.

Gateway Europe
Region Europe

Joining game through friends list doesn’t work.
Same issues as martoss described when trying to play 2v2 with a friend.
We see different games in the lobby but can see eachother in the Broodwar En-1.

I joined some games, wrote in CAPS HEY IS THIS REALLY EU ARE YOU GUYS ON EU? and yes we were all on eu, but seeing different game lists.

Logging in and out worked after a while. I think it worked when we logged in at the same time.

Battle.net right now is like a old bad car where u have to enter from the trunk. Try to drive up the ladder? Engine failures.

Yes sir! Thats seems to be the problem.

I’m still having these problems. Did you ever hear of a solution?

Yep, it means your connection is s… Let some other guy host the games and you join. Had this same problems when i was hosting for some friends and we had only a wifi in some distance…