[Main Thread] Broken Ladder, Leaderboard, User Profiles and Invalid Password on Custom Games

None of these seem to be working.


I have the same issue, my friends and I can’t play together cuz the “follow friend” doens’t work, giving “Unable to join” message or something like “the host already started the game”.


Hey this its happening since a couple of days… come on blizzard



As stated in subject line, when creating custom games people cannot join game and get invalid PW error; even if they are on friend list and try to join from friend list.

Secondly, Ladder leader board is broken entirely. Zero names show up.

Lastly, The ladder queue tries to queue you with no opponent to failed queue 3-4 times before you can get into an actual ladder game.

Please fix!!!


Hi there, just adding further voice to the ongoing issues.

This is an urgent matter as it makes the multiplayer fairly unusable for most of the player base. Please hotfix asap or roll back whatever changes brought these issues on.
Fully related to this topic as well:


If you are lucky enough to get a ladder game, you also can’t see the mmr change result unless you go for another ladder game or log out to see the acc’s. The whole system seems almost completely broken right now and it’s really frustrating… Is anyone working on a fix?

the best part of this is having no word whatsoever on a timeline for resolution.

good thing we delegated communication to community managers that have nothing in the way of insight to offer.

Ladder is borked.
Cannot view profile or leaderboards, most of the games upon matching, fail to start; when it starts successfully, most of the time it fails to report results to the server.

Outside of ladder, unable to join lots of custom games.

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According to some players ladder now only works within the gateway they’re on.

According to everyone everyewhere it’s gone bonkers and doesn’t work.

I’ve made threads about the “Join Lobby” problem a few times the last 6 months.
From reading reactions on forums that problem seems to be global as well now.

It’s now 11:15 in Santa Monica. So I guess between 3-6hours left on the workday.
If you have a person working on Starcraft Remastered now would be the time to do work.


they are not responding not even aware of the issue not reading forums it looks like.

Hey all! I moved a few similar reports over to one thread so we can get this tracked. I checked a few things on our end and couldn’t find any issues specific for this.

[Edited] This should be fixed now. For anyone still experiencing issues, I wanted to see if we could gather a bit more information to help track this issue a bit further. Could those of you still experiencing this issue provide the following details?

  • Gateway (ie. US West):
  • Region (ie. USA):
  • What issue are you running into? (ie. Ladder & Leaderboard):

This issue has been reported and aware of the issue. If there’s any additional information needed or updates we have to share, we’ll include them here. Thank you all again for your reports!

same over the europe server

Gateway Korea
region Europe
issue: Search for ranked match… “Match Found!” and it never starts, it crashes on the screen where the two players are shown. maybe 5 times in a row before it finnaly starts a game without crashing and restart search

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On Europe and Korea server I can not find any games today. Can you fix it? Please.

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  • Gateway: Europe
  • Region: Europe
  • What issue are you running into?: Can’t find any ranked games, and custom games are laggy
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im getting a bit annoyed by this lets be honest its definitely not fixed everybody on my friendlist encounters the matchmaking bug so that makes ladder experience feel kind of broken and unplayable for alot of players

also ALL the streamers litterly every streamer u can find that does ladder encounters this bug ALL the streamers on AFREECATV ALL the streamers on TWICTH so please make some progress with this bug or give an update

(the profiles and leaderboards are working again obviously)

Region: USA
Gateway: Europe/USE/USW all bugging out like this
Issue: Failed matches several times in a row. Seems worse trying to play on Europe gateway from US region but still persistent playing on US servers.

Can we edit out the part where this should be fixed now? Seems clear that’s not the case.

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This is killing the game, two weeks ago there where 200 games being played in USA WEST nowdays are less than 50. Ladder is not working, custom games are failing and people is switching to other games because blizzard “aparently” decidided to kill their best game -.-


Gateway: Europe
Region: South Africa
Matchmaking still having trouble starting games. Three attempts now ended up with first one showing opponent on loading screen then a quick beep (like an in-game beep?) and it was aborted. It then “found” opponent two more times but noone shows up on loading screen and it’s aborted.

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The ladder runs smooth now for all streamers/players it seems ladder bug seems to be fixed right now

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