Looking for some help to connect and play online games

Looking for any help at all. I am getting the red text error when I try to create a game:
“Due to your network configuration, your connection to other players must be routed via a proxy server, which may add latency.”

I see a note under the map creation that says:
“Connection is routing via proxy server”

I can’t connect to any games, and no one can join me. I can play literally every other game I have installed on my PC with zero issues, including other games through the battle.net application. I’m completely out of ideas. Searching across Google, Bing, and everything else I can think of is not helping.

I have tried the following:
Using dynamic IP
Using static IP
Changing DNS servers
Connecting through hardwire
Connecting through wireless (both 2.4 and 5GHz networks)
Opening port 6112 on my router to forward to my computer
-Trying various ports through settings in the game and then on the router
-Opened 6112-6119 in the router and directed to my computer
Adding appropriate firewall rules
-Deleted the rules
-Added the rules again
-Manually added TCP and UDP firewall rules
Added rules for anti-virus
-Disabled anti-virus (temporarily just to see if that was the issue)
-Changed anti-virus programs from Avast to AVG to Windows
Uninstalled and reinstalled the game
Ensured that the router firmware was up to date
Confirmed that the external IP my computer has matches the WAN IP in my router
Uninstalled the game, uninstalled battle.net, cleared any and all registry keys that contained the StarCraft executable files

After all of the above (and maybe even a couple things I can’t remember), I am still getting the same error. I am willing to try anything to get this to work. Any information you think you may have, I’m willing to listen, and greatly appreciate it. I have no doubt it’s something ridiculous like a weird setting (I had something insanely stupid in my router that was messing up wi-fi calling - got lucky and found the fix) that I’m not thinking of.

The only thing I could find was here, but I’m not even sure what this person is saying the solution was outside of the comment about public versus private IP?
Starcraft Forum Link

Again, thank you for any and all suggestions.

Running Windows 11 Pro OS
Router is an Asus

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