Ladder matchmaking is broken / Unable to join friends games

SC:R is unable to match with any opponents. Typically, after 15s the matchmaker will say “Match Found!” It will then display an empty opponent, stall for about 10-15s, and then return to the “Searching 1v1…” screen. I left it sitting for 30 minutes with no match found, to no avail.


Can not create custom games

I tried a handful of times. Sometimes it says a match was found but it doesn’t actually start, sometimes it brings up the map but doesn’t show an opponent and eventually cancels, and occasionally I do get a match.

game is broken fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it

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I can’t find or join any games made by my friend. We both log into US East and both are using the expansion. I maybe see one or two games in the lobby and never his. If I click the button to join his game next to his screenname it either tells me he left or launched the game or it gives me a password invalid error without asking for a password.


Please fix this :pray:

Very annoying

I am also experiencing this too and in US WEST lobbies its pretty rampant seems widespread

i am having the same problem

Yo también tengo el mismo problema.

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Yes, I am having this issue for two days. fix it Blizzard I am so annoying.

same to me, i cannot play with friends

This has grown to become quite the annoyance. I was able to complete one game earlier today. Returned to the game tonight to run another one and now this. @BLIZZARD what are you guys doing regarding rectification?

Same problem here, there are about 4 people I regularly play with on the Europe channel and only one of them is able to see my games in the lobby list… Please fix this Blizzard… I play about 3/4 days a week so this is really annoying

You are not annoying.

fix your damn game stupiddddddds

Issues ongoing for multiple days. Ladder not reset in a year. Can someone at Blizzard confirm you’re just pulling the plug already?


Is there some other solution here? Everyone I play with agrees - we’d pay a monthly to have our game. Come on, y’all - tighten up! <3

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The message says. Unable to join game. The host may have already launched or closed the game. It is clear that my friends made the game and no one can join. OR vice versa. This have been going for 48 hours now.


Same here. Even the ladder seems broken.
What’s going on ??

Same here, been 72 hours same problem.