Is there additional content for Remastered?

Note that I only play RTS games single-player, so multiplayer doesn’t mean anything to me, but I was wondering if there were any custom missions and/or campaigns for SC Remastered. I genuinely don’t know and am debating a purchase, but I presume that Remastered isn’t “backwards compatible” with all classic SC content. At present, I play everything that can be on Mass Recall and am using low-resolution classic for unofficial expansions and player-made content. Nonetheless, the nicer visuals and hotkey flexibility of Remastered does appeal to me and the price is very modest.

Thank you in advance for any input.

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Hotkeys would probably be main thing in terms of convenience for purchasing. The Remastered campaign also comes with some new artwork slides between missions, new voice lines, and some other minor additions. It doesn’t change the campaign it only adds little details.

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That is good to know, but most specifically I would like to know if there is any additional campaigns and/or missions. For example, do semi-official expansions like Insurrection and Retribution work with it? Do other player-made campaigns like The Antioch Chronicles, which comes to me highly recommended, work with it or only Classic? Does all player-made content for Classic work with Remastered or is it separate? If Classic and Remastered are two different things, then is there any good player-made content for Remastered? After all, there is quite a bit for Classic.

That is what I most want to know. If Remastered is basically SC + BW and that’s ait and that’s all it will ever be, then there is far less reason for me personally to buy it.


It’s the same exact game just a lot cooler. Everything is just “cooler”, for lack of a better word.

I was able to play the first couple missions of Insurrection without any issue with Remastered enabled. I suspect that Retribution will be fine too.

But to the question of additional map/campaign content for Remastered, there’s probably some fan made stuff out there, but there was nothing official from Bliz.


To be honest, it is unrealistic to hope that the official production of a new DLC.But there are many RPG maps made by players.You can have a try.

Most bonus campaigns should work fine, I have played Insurrection, Retribution, Precursor, and the Enslavers 1&2 in remastered no problem(as well as like 3 others i forget the name of). Project Hydra is also something to check out if you want some new campaigns (though this is a fan made project and changes A LOT of the game).

In terms of player made content working overall like if you randomly stumble across something, I would say not everything will, might be worth it to have 1.16.1 local install. Main reason being that the drop of StarEdit broke some map triggers on UMS maps

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I have some custom campaigns for sc1, they work in remastered with no problem at all. I have played insurrection retribution enslavers 1&2 ascension of duran and interbellum. These are harder campaigns than the original ones related to the story.
interbellum and enslavers are canon if i remember correctly.
interbellum takes place right before WoL from sc2. It explains some thing about Kerrigan, Protoss and the Dominion.
If you wanna have Interbellum reply to this message

Well at least in english. In every other language they forgot Raynor’s line, that the confederates where to long out in the sun, so he sounds in Remaster not like the energetic sympathic Raynor from the Brood Wars but the SC II Raynor that is tired and drinks to keep himself going.

Do these extra campaigns have voice dialogue for the mission briefing?

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If I remember correctly, Insurrection and Retribution have voice acting, but Enslavers, AoD, and Interbellum don’t. :confused:

I wouldn’t be surprised if you found one within the korean community. They make some of the most insane UMS games ive ever seen, it sometimes, legitmately, feels like you’re playing a remake of starcraft.

Wish i can get a full ums map pack from one of them.

I can’t believe these forums won’t let me post a link to a Blizzard webpage. Try Googling SCC Map Archives and go to the index for the old Blizzard Map of the Week/Trigger Map of the Month entries. There’s a big zipped folder of official custom maps you can add to your Starcraft\Maps folder. Along with standard maps there are a bunch of UMS maps with fun gimmicks and even some co-op scenarios. There are also two official campaigns you can download separately from that page, Precursor and Enslavers Dark Vengeance which you can put in the Starcraft\Maps\Campaign folder along with Enslavers which is already there. Campaigns need to be in the Campaign folder to progress from one mission to the next.

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In short, canon content:
Precursors campaign
Enslavers I campaign
Enslavers II campaign
Deception map**
Mercenaries II map**,***
Resurrection IV map**,***,****

* Blizzard is not sure now if they want to consider these campaigns as canon, but when they were published, they were fully authorized campaigns AND the companies that produced them worked closely with Blizzard
**these 3 missions are part of the same storyline and must be played in the order presented here. They are not voiced.
***these are multiplayer maps, but remember, they are canon
****this mission only appeared in Starcraft 64, however, there is a PC port

I’m pretty sure Mercenaries I, and consequently, Revolutions, are canon, but they are so inconsequential to the main lore that I wouldn’t give them much of a thought.

Edit: Ascension of Duran and Interbellum campaigns are fan made. They are neither made by Blizzard, like Enslavers and Precursors nor endorsed by Blizzard, like Insurrection and Retribution. Note how I’m not saying if they are bad or good, just that they aren’t canon.


Here you have maps you can play alone singleplayer,etc.
enjoy content for the ages