Input change voting

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Hey all –
So we have had the change that allows keyboard inputs to work while mouse buttons are held down on the PTR for a few weeks.

The next step I’d like to take before officially deciding is to take a poll. Please vote below:

  • Change the input
  • Keep input the way it is

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Change, and also pls implement the new matchmaking code to play vs koreans, im waiting 250+ seconds to get +5/+1 points games (A vs C/D) T_T


Sounds like an idea for its own thread… not one that has nothing to do with it.


Change the input. Post must be at least 20 charaters



Fun trick: add <hidden> to your posts. It counts as characters, but isn’t displayed.


I’m personally hoping for this change, however I only started playing with remastered. I have heard Artosis say that everyone that he talked to including some of the pros welcomed this change, and didn’t hear anyone against it. Will be interesting to see if this goes through though.


edit: nvm Im in favor of it


How about adding this to the TODO as well?


Change this already, this is the reason I stopped playing this game and frankly it is appaling that you have kept this bug in the game as a “feature”.

I am already fighting vs the game mechanics and I am fine with that, because that helps the game. I draw the line when I start fighting the hardware. Two years two late if you ask me

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While you’re at it please fix the lag that exists when macroing as Zerg.


Change it pleaseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Please apply it quickly.


do we even need to vote on this issue…?


Change, it’s an archaic feature. The change won’t have an impact on high lvl gameplay. It’s a QoL boost for new/lower lvl players, they’ll have an easier time getting accustomed to the game.

SC has a very high entry barrier, I’m all for reducing it if it doesn’t have an impact on the core gameplay. We want new blood coming into the scene, it’s the only way we can keep growing and hopefully become self sufficient.


SEE?:slight_smile: i said several times:) you guys seriously have to change it right now ASAP

When do u go upcoming patch?

Should go. It’s nothing but frustrating when you 1a2a3a4a5a and miss an input.


I’d be pretty glad too if we could make selection boxes when your mouse is at the edge of your screen.


voted for it, also can you implement auto korean-english translation of chat. would be great


At 92% for the change with 340 votes, can we just implement the fix instead of waiting the full week for the poll?