Input change voting


This is the most necessary change


Wow… 495 votes O.o!!!


Please change as soon as possible!!!


I’m ready for this patch asap.


Roll it out. The vote seems overwhelmingly one sided.


i m really waiting almost a few years.. don t say like that

When do u go upcoming patch?

Vote to change, we all had it like this before with the launchers we used for things like Fish and iCCUP so it’s not a big change. If anything it’s taking things back to how most people remember it.


I think I agree with Qikz and TT1 on this one, although I’ve personally never run into issues regarding this… Even though MCALauncher had this ticked by default, no? And then I should have noticed a change with Remastered? Either way I guess nobody really cares, and if they do, they are overwhelmingly in favor of this change

edit: And by nobody cares I mean that a lot of people want this changed :smiley:

off-topic: I actually tried changing my patrol to q and the siege-unsiege-mine command to w the other day, but got frustrated with my muscle-memory being too stubborn, and reverted back to defaults after a while :smiley:

But lets draw the line here folks, I want my advantage to remain vs. those poor newbies that we are so desperately trying to attract to this wonder of a game, so let’s all agree on keeping the unexplored minimap pitch-black in 1v1. (Actually, I’m being unironic here, I do want the black minimap to remain :smiley: ) Hmm, now that I think about, maybe I also want the input to remain the way it is? :smiley: To have my competitive edge vs. people who don’t double check their 1a2a3a… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve heard people argue that it is a skill people need to learn… Okay, I think I’m just gonna refrain from voting and go back to my to-do list :smiley:

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Input results are in:
US Forum - 92% are in-favor with 607 votes
KR Forum - 72% are in-favor with 848 votes

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