Hacking and StarCraft

Hey all -

We’ve identified and banned a small number of accounts using malicious software in SCR games.

We take cheating very seriously and will continue to take action on those abusing StarCraft. On top of this, please know that the team is always investigating new implementations to improve our anti-cheat systems.



really nice.i think it was getting out of control.specially the time i spent in Korea i played multiple players using maphack but i didnt really know where to report it.and is hard to find the barcode ids.

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you can use BWChart and extract the players’ action on the text file. So you can copy paste the barcode ID easily.

So, hackers indeed exist in SC Remastered after all? Hmmm. I really hope the developers take into account the fact that there are users that use Linux to play StarCraft Remastered Wine, Lutris, PlayOnLinux, etc. As long as hunting those hackers doesn’t break it, everything should be OK.

BWChart? I didn’t know that it worked with the new SC Remastered… I would have expected that the functionalities provided by it were already given by SC Remastered anyways.

User redhotmoon@USWest launching on going ddos attacks against UMS lobbies. Several /Reports have been issued by numerous players. Please intervene. Yser had readily admitted to this and its quite obvious he is the one launching the denial of service attacks by pulling the IP of innocent players from game lobbies.

LOL redhotmoon is DDOSing? That guy is a lot of fun, I hope it isn’t true. Probably took too many drugs and lost his mind.

Are there plans to implement voluntary admins system in the game?
We don’t wanna end up in the dark ages like it happened before (not even in 40 years)

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There’s a new version, check on TL dot net


This is really getting out of hand, they are actively seeking out players IP to DDOS them. Clean up these toxic players, not to mention this is ILLEGAL!

It’d be great to talk to anyone who has been a victim of this attack so that we can look at solutions.


I don’t understand. That’s just people in a chat.

Yeah. those screenshots don’t show much more than people bragging about their hacking skills, that could be just bluffing. How do they get someone else’s IP in the first place? Weird. Someone that has suffered an actual attack must post at least their experience, otherwise, how could the devs know what really happened?
W… wait… of course. The key word in those chats is doxxed. That’s how they did it.
https:// en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Doxing
That’s how they found the victim’s IP.

Sure thing i’ll direct them here. Thank you for the acknowledgement of the issue. Don’t worry about it Josue .

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Hello, i have been a victim of ddos attacks many times. Lets start a conversation of how to resolve the issue.


Well i tried to report it immediately, however, when being DDOSes i cannot even access google or any webpage. I tried calling but the only options for help are online, but once you are ddos you cannot get online. its a catch 22. and to get someones IP adress is very simple.

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Yes it is true. Redhotmoon was ddosing me for 2 or 3 weeks any time he saw me online. I tried to ignore him, but he would msg me and say ignoring him was not an option, and that i should get ready for a day without internet…redhotmoon does illegal DDS for sure. he was also drop hacking my friends in sniper rpg lobbies until they quit just because no one liked him and didnt want him to play…


i have been a victim off ddos, and the person who did it to me admits to it everytime and does it everytime he sees me online, he has ruined my experience playing starcraft, i thought hacking was taken care of, i guess not, this persons username is Redhotmoon and C A N C E R!! please if anyone can help have him remove so i can enjoy playing sc again and not have to worry about hiding my IP address, this dude has literally shut my hole interent off in my house, its not cool bliZzard, fix it please