Error 3:15 when making a new profile

Gracias! me sirvio!!

Hello I had a similar problem but I got it to work so basically ya just gotta scan your starcraft when ya look it up in your inventory ya like when its done it will have a update pop up say yes and ya should be able to make one ya just make sure ya make it for ur region ok.

Just Change writing langugage and enter the Nick name. If Europe then write it with Latin language and all will work fine

intenta con nombres aleatorios solo 1 ves si no acepta cierra todo y vuelve a intentar

add an Underscore to the begining of your name and it will let it connect.


work for me. after error relaunch the game and it will work. Thanks

quiero saber si hay respuesta a este problema que también es el mío.

I got this error and I restarted the game and I got rid of the error

Any assistance? Can you at least acknowledge or explain this blizzard?

prueba los subguiones al inicio me funciono

If you make a name which is already in the database it gives this error and then won’t let you move forward.
Close the game, restart and make up a complex name (numbers etc) and you will be able to join all the networks…

To all who toil and want to plat SC - you are welcome.

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There is a very simple workaround for most people who have this issue.
Follow these steps:

  1. Instead of setting up your account using an email address that has already been used, create a new battlenet account using a new email address or one that has not been used for battlenet / blizzard games via the create new account in the blizzard app.
  2. Once you have that set up the game will let you create a new profile so you can play online.
  3. After that you can logout of the new account and log into you old accounts that have your friends list, settings, stats and so on.
    Cheers! Enjoy!
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still same shhhhhit! Blizzard WAKE UP we paying for this !!!

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