Curious - SC for iOS?

Hi SC Community. I may be late to the party and this question might have already been asked. Is there a way to play StarCraft on my iPad? tia

No you may not.

However, you can subscribe to @BlizzardENT and our staff will be glad to assist you.

Hi! Since you didn’t mention on how you planned to play Starcraft on ipad, I assumed you want to play it strictly on it, without using any other devices.

For that you’d have to install either Windows or Linux on ipad using an emulator, then use a remote desktop app to access those emulators, so you can see the graphical interface of either Windows or Linux.

If you get to install Windows on it, then there are some some chances you can make Starcraft run on it (perhaps even make it to play online).

With Linux, you should try to install a Linux distribution called Ubuntu. Once Ubuntu is installed, try to install Starcraft using Wine. I made a guide for installing Starcraft Remastered using Wine on Ubuntu on PC (the guide might be obsolete, since it was done a while ago), but this may also apply for Ubuntu on ipad:

I made a list of videos that you can watch so you get an idea how that could be done, but it also involves other methods than the one mentioned here, and it also involves Android as well:

Beware, the Starcraft videos are about Starcraft 1.16.1 and Starcraft 2, not Starcraft Remastered.

Also, avoid downloading things that might be shady. Make sure to research info about every site you encounter, so you won’t get unpleasant surprises. Also read youtube description / comments.

One note, Github is usually considered safe, and it’s used by programmers, but it happens that people also upload malicious things.

I personally made Starcraft 1.16.1 run on Android 4.1, I think, using Winmulator, and it ran like it ran on PC, no lag, and the phone didn’t heat up. I had to use an OTG adaptor to connect mouse and keyboard, though.

Now, with SC:R, if you get it to work, since it’s more demanding than SC 1.16.1, your ipad might heat up and the fps might be not that good. But you’d have to try it out, because I might be wrong.

Some more resources about SC on phones / tablets:

If you manage to make it run, let us know, as I’m curious about this as well.

If my method above fails, you can google for the next things:

  • battlenet desktop app (ios|iphone|ipad)
    Beware, not battlenet mobile app.

  • game title (ios|iphone|ipad)
    Replace game title with any game that Blizzard made. I think there’s Diablo for mobile, so make sure to exclude that.

Use the exact text that I used for googling, as it involves advanced search operators.

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