Bonjour Service 100 at Event Viewer on Windows

This question applies to “Multiplayer” only.

I have two computers, and when they’re connected to the same network, can the “Bonjour Service 100” log appear in the event viewer on Windows, regardless of whether it’s or UDP?

And if the log doesn’t appear simply because of the same network connection, could it be the reason why iTunes is installed? I’m asking this because, as you know, both iTunes and Starcraft:Remastered networks (especially UDP) require Bonjour services. There are many simple logs that are printed in the Event Viewer, so there are things that I don’t care about, but it bothers me when I play network games.

The Event Viewer exists in the window, and you can type “Event Viewer” in the Search menu based on Windows 10 and view the Administrative Events menu under Custom Views.

Sorry for I’m not good at English

Hey, LOVEOFTEARS! Are you experiencing any issues with the Bonjour service? Could you provide more details on what issues you are experiencing?

To address a few questiosn you had here:

Yes, it can. Bonjour is an apple service, but it is used to LAN services like multiplayer for Starcraft. Some other services outside of iTunes and SC1 uses Bonjour as well. Adobe is also known to use bonjour.

I’m not entirely sure of the question here. Bonjour shouldn’t have installed iTunes to my knowledge. There is a separate installation for Bonjour on Windows.

If there’s concerns with the Bonjour activation pop up this post may explain things a bit better and how to have it so it doesn’t appear every time the multiplayer screen is launched.

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Thank you for your sincere and kind reply. I’m not good at English, and this question is more difficult to say because it’s a technical problem. I’m sorry.

Please look at the attached image file first. The image is the log that appears during UDP play.

I’m going to tell you again, iTunes cannot be uninstalled because I am using it. And there’s no problem enjoying the game. However, as you can see in the attached image file, I just do not want that log to appear in the event viewer.

If you don’t understand this question, I’ll just skip it. Once again, I apologize for my unnatural English.

Hey, LOVEOFTEARS! iTunes doesn’t need to uninstalled. As long as its not causing a problem, the event viewer logs can generally be ignored. For the Imgur link, you can post just the end of the link or using the </> button. This should allow you to post screenshots.

Appreciate the attempt in English and it’s quite good :slight_smile: There’s just a bit of a language barrier with clarifying the issue since technical concerns are a bit difficult to explain in general. It looks like you may be more comfortable with Korean. If it may be more helpful, we have KR forums where the issue can be discussed further or KR support if needed!

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I have attached Imgur Link to the second post on this page. Please click the link. You told me, “As long as its not causing a problem, the event viewer logs can generally be ignored.” I totally agree. Nevertheless, there is a part that bothers me every time I play multiplayer.

Actually I feel just a bit of a language barrier. However If I write about this problem where to KR Forums, I think they will deliver this debate to your forum. :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not belittling them.

Thank you for your kind answer!