ASL season 14 & Need new ladder season

  • ASL
    ASL season 14 qualifiers are all over and will start soon.

  • We need new ladder season Q.Q
    Recently, SC2 started a new season with new maps. SC:R also needs a new ladder season with new ASL maps.


yes! we need new ladder season! please!

It’s been about 10 months since the current season started. No new map pool or portraits since then. The most communication Blizzard has provided about Starcraft Remastered this year was confirming it wouldn’t be getting any more paid content and that was just a name drop in the article about changes to Heroes of the Storm.

Can a Community Manager or someone please let us know when the next season will start or if new seasons are even going to be a thing going forward?

where are the blizzard employes?

Blizzard aka Microsoft should just sell the game to the Koreans if they can’t or don’t want to support it anymore. No answer from them goes to show how much they actually care about the gaming community. What a joke the company has become.

Do you have a link to that?

There never were cms here. It was always the developers posting (matt and grant). If there are no devs, there is no communcarion posibility.

Please change the maps!

…at the top of this forum!