Ladder Season 11 Incoming


Ladder Season 10 is about to end soon, and Season 11 is coming next week with a new map pool. We hope you enjoy the new season with a refreshed map pool, and we’ll see you on the ladder!


Nice! it was about time.

Its really harsh to see that seasons are coming now once a year…this is such a beautiful game where Blizzard was build upon, it deserves more respect and admiration.

Beyond the new season please BLIZZARD, we need transparence about this promised topics and some other i believe are important:

  1. Where is Team Match Making? (It was promised over OFFICIAL Blizzard Starcraft channel by Grant Davis). We are still waiting for it and its almost 3 years with no response. Also Pete Stillwel mentioned Team Match making to be a thing to come prior to the Remastered release of SCRM. We are still waiting.
  2. Please fix and improve RANK, do something about smurf account. Make the Losing/Win MMR points to be based on logic, is not fair that people with higher MMR create a new account and they are taking points of lower Rank players as if they would have no central higher rank account,
  3. Please implement BWAPI and other AI frameworks, this was also promised by Grant Davis.
  4. Expand the universe of players by allowing the people with the free version to join both the 1v1 and upcoming Team Match Making official ladder. they wont get official points but let them play aka “quick game button”. The player pool is too small, it would be a smart idea to allow player that own the free version to join said games.
  5. Please provide new skins, portraits an other purchasable items, we want things to purchase for the game.

Please don’t let Classic SC die… this is one of the oldest Intellectual Properties of BLIZZARD, a beloved game that deserves praise and respect. Please we want new things and at least the things that where promised before by official Blizzard staff members.


Thank you, Blizzard.


Will this also include new rank portraits?

Any word on how often we can expect new seasons going forward?

Thank you very much!

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You need to show respect to the people and this game and update these seasons way more frequently. Frankly it’s disgusting how neglected this game is and you should be ashamed of yourselves.


I’d be happy enough with some basic communication. At least with SC2 we know who is being consulted for maps and other changes.


Awesome, thank you, hopefully next time won’t take this much, many tournaments like to use the ladder maps and getting them refreshed helps a lot :slight_smile:


we apreciate this, but please; dont forget this great game.


Please, add some purchasable items for this game. There a lot of people who will gradly buy skins. Thanks, blizzard.

Thanks Cydralisk !!!

Thank you, Blizzard。

smurf account is a part of game, 100% players meet smurfs, it’s fair for all. Your mmr is your level, don’t blame to smurf account. Have you ever received free points from your opponents who quit game immediately?

Thank you! Please add more stuff we can purchase will be glad to do so! Also, are there any updates on what the plan is for team ranked ladder?

Smurf accounts is a transversal overall recognized problem throughout any game ladder. I don’t know why i have to explain this to you, but I will. Ladder is suppose to represent the real curve of experience needed (the only factor that should organically affect ladder EVER is the size of a player base), hence A is bigger than B and S is bigger than A, if we have an S player that is “addicted to winning” playing in an account the curve happens to be unfair and just broken, this kills the gameplay experience and is not longer a ladder is more like a freaking unfair huge jump or a huge wall that all of a sudden makes the experience of the game unpleasant for people and it break the community in ways smarter people than me could explain to you, making it elitist, shelled and impermeable in essence.

It is not a matter of “smurf is part of the game”, i can agree that complaining about it might sound to some like complaining about what you might find on the street when practicing your Karate. But that’s the point, ladder should not be “street mode”, it should be a fair Dojo when people can learn the ritual of each step when jumping to the next one. We can rant as much as we want about it, but the bottom line is that the ladder is broken for people trying to get to B A or S organically, even encouraging people to play builds that are honestly broken and pointless to each level/ritual of a stage, this is a complicated thing to explain here but people on S should in “theory” not be nuking Zerg players in B (that is what custom games are for just because they feel great about it) as it makes those B players understand the game WRONG on their level, same way that if you go a hit people green belt 8 year old being a black belt in karate you might damage them beyond repair, and I can argue you are not a real Martial Artist and just a punk.

The solution is simple, you want to Smurf? purchase a new account, a WHOLE new Btnet account with a different Email as many Korean and people with no time or life do already. But allowing people to Smurf for free is Broken and wrong whatever people have to say about it. We can use how a page like chess com deals with this but that is a conversation for another day, it would be extra hard to do such a thing in StarCraft because it would require a real time server side component scanning replays and such… never going to happen here.

What rules to implement, quite simple, this has been my proposal always:

We are going to call players X and player Y for this examples, where player X is a 2600 S (playing Protoss) player, and player Y is a 1500 B player (playing Terran)

  1. Players X creates a new account playing Protoss and he is now a 1500 account
  2. Player X plays his 5 initial ladder games and he lands on B rank, fine for him he will “win a lot”
  3. Player X and Player Y find themselves in the ladder.
  4. Player X win ofc and wins all the points in a regular manner.
  5. Players Y loses but here is the point he loses less in %, and receives a message that is cordial something like "we detected your opponent has a higher MMR main account playing with this current race, you where granted a 60% reduced lose rate" so he will NOT lose 25 points for this bs he will lose more close to 10.
  6. And here is another interesting part! if Player Y wins!! he will get an amazing cordial message like “We detected your opponent has a higher MMR mains account, you where granted a 60% increase win rate” making him win around 35!!!

Sounds fair? no effect for people that want to create new accounts but all the positive and fairness of a ladder for people that are learning and struggling with it.

In the other hand lets change the example here a bit:

our Player X has never had an account playing Zerg, and creates a new 1500 account with that race:

  1. Players X creates a Zerg account
  2. Player X plays his 5 initial games to be placed, he lands on B also
  3. Players X encounters player Y on ladder.
  4. player X wins and wins all points in a regular manner
  5. Players Y loses the point in a regular manner.

End of story. Is that to hard to understand? or am I crazy or something.

Also wanted to mention that the argument of “MMR is your level” to be a fake assumption of itself, aka a fallacy because that’s the whole point, today MMR doesn’t represent reality and the implications are there (tho arguably really irrelevant), tournaments are based on MMR for example. But the point is gameplay experience for people like me that are not competitive, we just like to feel we can “ladder honestly” which is such an Alien like concept for people that are addicted to winning. Hell i hate playing people myself, give me an AI ladder even if its never going to be as good as a human ladder.


I don’t know how smurf accounts affect to our mmr. If smurf accounts are not exist, you will have more mmr right now? You meet smurf accounts, everyone too and and vice versa. You don’t know that?

Smurf account is a part of game, it’s less than 50% your games and all of players, maybe except Arto. There are more than 50% your games that real games. It makes your real mmr, rank.

We have same mmr but we have an unique skill. If you want to play a game in real fair, real mmr… You only can do it by yourself, create a room and play with your copy version. Do you think real 1500 Terran vs real 1500 Terran is fair? talent every players, every Terran is different (example I play Terran, I like to play TvP, TvT but I don’t like to play TvZ because my winrate TvZ is 1-2%. It’s my fault, it’s not smurf accounts’ fault).

I agree with you if you play only a game vs smurf account. It’s not fair and not fun for you. If you play 100-1000 games, smurf accounts are not problem. The problem is on you and Arty who complain about smurf account, internet, race, matchup, unit, movement, decision, strategy… but never complain themself, what a loser.

When you lose a game why do you think you lose to a smurf account but not real account? Assuming that, you play an account only but your skill change in every game, every day… Is it also called smurf account?!

The solution, don’t care about mmr. Just play game and try your best. You can lose to some games by smurf accounts like everyone is on ladder. Don’t worry, you have remain 1000000000000000 games if you would like to play, it must you don’t have to meet smurf accounts many times compare to to real accounts.

finally! I love sc! i love you too

Thanks for updating the map pool. I think timing it so that it’s done every two ASLs is a good idea. In fact, I think you should just work with the ASL to this effect, which I’m sure they’d be willing to do considering that they’ve already got the infrastructure in place for picking a fun and balanced map pool.

it seems you havent been in F or E rank for a while. go there and tell me a 300 apm guy that nails a build perfectly and are able to hard counter every of your builds is fair? most of the game you have 1 account and thats it. so if you want to smurf you have to lower it and it will takes times then if you want to get back up where you were then you have to work for it. thats more fair that way. now people have 3 accounts per gateway and they have bar code or random letter accounts dedicated to smurf. Also thats bad for MMR inflation. sorry bad english. I dunno how smurfing is at B rank or higher because I’ve never been there, buT D and lower, especially F its a pain. Its easier to get wins at E-D than you can win at F. Is that normal?