April 2019 PTR going offline

Thanks to all of those who have helped test on the PTR!

As a result of this testing and the poll results, we will be moving forward with the input changes in an upcoming patch.

Additionally, as of 5/24, we’re going to be taking the PTR down until the next time we require your assistance.



Glad to hear it! Thanks!

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Does this mean there is no longer a “free version” of the game available. In other words if you want to play broodwar you have to get remastered?

Not complaining, just curious. HD is the only way i want to play now

You can still download the game for free without the HD graphics, but if you want the HD graphics then your going to have to buy SC:Remastered.

Is there an ETA on when the patch should come out, I figured that you guys were waiting for the KSL season to end before making the input change, with the finals over last weekend, am I correct in assuming it should be available soon?