Zergs lose v Toss Always when refusing to Rush

Zergs will lose in the late game to toss always when refusing to rush. Why is this Axiom True?

  1. Zergs give up their strength in producing units early by not attacking.
  2. It becomes exponentially harder for Broods and Mutas to defeat Air Toss in the Late Game.
  3. If you’re not making even a single ling for defense under 5 mins, then you’re not doing your job as a team mate. If opposing rushes while you stack up minerals and gas, then the entire team will fall.
  4. A Zerg not harrassing for weaknesses isn’t a Zerg, just a base sitter.
    I could go on, but the Shaw Axiom is true.

Is this a comedy post?

Do you rush Brood Lords in early game then?

Also I wouldn’t suggest using Mutas to counter air toss. You have a different unit designed for that.

I originally thought this post was in regards to 1v1, but now I suspect this reflects your opinion in team play - in that case I would suggest communicating with your teammate.

If the former is true realize Zerg does not reach it’s initial power spike until 3base saturation - in that case I would suggest drone hard and scout.

  1. Just tell them to drone whenever possible, so they get great eco and a huge bank and then a great army as it’s unlikely that they’ll attack you quite early on.
  2. Mutas are bad. You should get corruptors, vipers + queens, hydras, infestors (shroud) and ultras (HTs if he gets any).
  3. Normally, ling rush early game kills most protoss and wins you the game when the enemy protoss misplaces stuff or doesn’t build a proper wall.
  4. True.