Zerg Unit cost _________

Hey all , im a zerg player , silver status .

my wine to day is , is it just me or dose it seem that Zerg units seem kind of expensive ?

Seriously dude, trying playing the other races. We have the cheaper of the units, and for a reason, they also have less health than units in the other races, which is why zerg was built for massing, and remassing after death. 2 lings cost 50, 1 marine cost 50, 1 zealot cost ( i think) 75 or 100?

we both have our bias ,

quantifying the quality of a mineral only unit is easy , minerals are pletiful , they seem a 1 to 1 ratio

but all the units that do some thing significant use vespene , which seems to have a , importance to game measurement to it . how essential is this unit to the race ?. , on a scale of 1 ( 25 gass ) to 10 ( 250 gas )

but on occasion , they will try to balance a unit cost by adding more crystal to the unit .

for example zerg queen , its a spell caster , but they charge 150 minerals for her . in tier S that is expensive , but over all , i think she could cost more easily 175 or 200 if they make her a tad more efficient , but these numbers are minor , her spells are essential to zerg identity , so she gets a hall pass for gass .

a nother unit that dose this is the terran viking , 150/75

75 ? , 75 gass , since when dose any thing that flies and has a regualr attack cost less than 100 gass ?

the unit has to land , to do ground assult , but that kind of a bounes , just bring banshees ? but nooo just charge a little extra mineral ,

zerg units have kinda gotten away from being expendable , which is fine … kinda . but i liked haveing expeniable units , after you know how to use them its fine .

i mean you feel vuenurable , ya kinda feel like toss is about to just power crush you , but it realy is Zerg ideinty to have quanity over quality . adapatabiltiy over fortatuide , speed over fire power .

i mean looks what happens to our major units , brood and ultra . there spell fodder .( ZvT)

i mean one could say the same about mech and netural parasite … kinda , but what terran dosent have a satailite on stand by ? yamatto and sniper shot are fire and forget .

the game is asymmetrical .

there is very little comparing A to B .

s tier units are about as A to B as its gonna get . but , not realy .

the queen would be S iter caster

ling , s tier fighter unit , but mid game transtions to scout

marine , transtions to bio ball

zelot they need to modifed to a DPS unit . but id suggust boosting mineral and time cost , and buffing there stats , or a population cost , and buffing there stats .

im ok with zelot being the most effecnt melee unit , someone is gonna get the medal . might have to nerf charge spell though . but right now it think it gose to the terran hellbat .

lings should have an upgrade that makes 4 lings from a single egg , like what ever , there only usefull in serious numbers , and it takes a lot of time to stack up 19 larvae. ya loose more in lave potential than mineral , kinda . it dose add up .

Blizzard should win medals for how well they listen to there fallowing , right now the blance baised on top players , and i think this is a rewarding and safe thing to do , but , that would eventually disporpronaite the game from nubie influx , the the game will be balanced for numbers , but not for fun .

the game was realy made to use a counter system , a counters b , b can attack c , but is counterd by d . like rock paper scisors meets speed .

thats what gave it such Creativity and flexiblity over other RTS .

for example , if i massed hydrolisk , i should be able to do some good dammage , that is , if you dont have tanks and a little bit of a meat sheild

in this version if i mass hydra , i loose way to much gas. there a support unit now . but if they drop the gas down a bit from 50 to 25 , they would be massable agen , probably would not even use bailing . they could become expendiable , which was there origioanl puprous , they gave birth to the seige tank .

scourage , gave birth the the multi gunned capital ships , carrier and battle cruiser .

terran healing units , gave birth to Zerg lurker

with out our units being massable , we become terran or toss .

my point is that our strengths should be come stronger , and our weekness become managable . that is the way to blance an asymerical game , casue , ya cant compare the units to each other .

yes im just sliver , but , isnt that the tennats of the game ?

lurker was made to fight terran bio ball , and they moved the healers to the sky , infact , the whole team now if they wanted .

and satilite scan makes a mockery of lurker play .

burrow , and cloaking in general , has been countered hard due to this spell , but the cost of that ability has not been degreacsed .

all zerg units , im perty shur cost extra casue they can burrow . just like all toss units cost extra cause of there + shield health pool .

Problem is Zerg gas consumption is equal or higher then it’s counter part.

Only exception is when deal with roach and ravagers out side that Zerg very gas heavy race which question why.

You only need multiple bases because of gas.

Upgrades only make units ok.

Infestor is worst one we have fungal it can’t even do that because without upgrade it won’t have enough energy use it’s spells yet it’s only true spell caster that has no main attack

vipers have no main attack either

Yea and both them have decent spell and crappy

I feel fungal and parsite bomb are not worth it.

Fungal need to be able fire whiled burrow

Parsite bomb needs be removed and give viper basic attack

i have not masterd vipers , id id vote no on giving vipers a main attack , which i think they have a small slow one .

i think they should be given a greater range for there abduct abiltiy , i man , its an ANTI large unit spell , its not effective on smaller units . or at least an expensive upgrade .

hes a seige unit of sorts , but he is competing agenst yamotto cannon , , that sniper shot , and tempest . which , out range and out dammage . nota complaint agenst the blance , but , he become high risk due to his cost .

Yes our units are way high gas , " for cheeper units "

that is an upside down policy indeed . but they are using it to prevent over production , but that’s not really fair .

our counters are hard and gass expensive , that dose need to be adressed .

i think zerg should keep there micro units , brood , lurker , viper , infestor , swarm hoast , ultra lisk ( , but still have there macro units available , cheeper hydra , ( 100,25,2) , the sucide unit , scourge should cost more , possible 100/100 or something ( brought back )

and i think an ungrade should bring more zergling outa a shell , but cost a additional supply point

exessive gestation , 100m,2 pop. 4 ling 24 sec , or something .

over all , the game is best played when each race has there deffante strengts , which is how they origioanly had it , but the better players go to zerg casue there is none like it , there an edge of your seat race .

but the best players exploite there exploitable abiltites , and thats not bad , but if you are giving the reings of modifcation to the best exploiter , its safe and " tested " but most just want to have fun , a fun experiance . its rock - paper - sisccors .

the game is as perfect as a nature is to be perfect , not perfect as a car engin perfect . the game needs to be " organic " not machined , or at lest for zerg i guess . blanced , but not calculated .

zerg has rules for its race
terran has rules for its race
toss , rules for its race

when these rules are broken to cover a weakness those units should not be the best , or should be extra expensive or hard to work with or something .

ultra lisk was desinged to be a bullet spounge , he cost way way to much and is not mobile enough to accomplish this .

how ever , eveloving a breed that is " anti mech " per say , should be an option , but not reversable .

one should have high attack and other bonues , the other , high amor and low attack , or something . but 300 gass on a unit that was suppod to be a bullet spounge not worth the cost , ( they dont seem to be THAT usefull to toss as they go air 9/10 .

how ever , i dont think that is fair for Toss , they should get some buff incentive to , 50/50 ground , i.E there zelot needs to be harder hitting , but slower , which would fit them i think . as they have plethora’s of support units . OR Remake there arcons to be more massable . or something .