Zerg too Dependent on queens

Production (try playing a game without larvae injects — 100% chance to lose)
Tanking in early pushes

Then people go ‘dark is too strong, impossible to kill early when he has 15 queens’ Yeah.

Queens became too integral to zerg, imho. I’d like to see anti-air option besides queens and I’d love an auto-inject.

Every 30s having to go to every hatchery and inject is insane.

what rank and game mode without injects?

If 15 queens, in this hypothetical, then you have more than enough to put a few extra injects stacked up on your hatcheries. Sure that isn’t optimal but at some point you are fighting a losing battle of efficiency.

queen is important in the early game. Making changes to divide queen’s tasks is not easy.

yes that would be nice, but fair it is zerg macro cycle. other races switch buildings for production, build buildings. → zerg spams inject + creep.
therefore both sides must be “equally” busy.

Only thing I would like is remove lair from tech requirement to Queen.

Pool queen infestor pit hive