Zerg need better aoe and long range units

Looking aoe it’s kinda sad

First off u have bane now my major complaint it’s suicidal unit expensive one at that. Some people it has big aoe but no one ever talks about half aoe is blocked by it self. Since it’s melee it never use its 100% it more like 25%.

It’s slow and can’t catch unit it was design so add another aoe on top of that to make it work.
Fungle growth to aid in suicidal unit that puts Zerg behind if Zerg wasn’t winning on top they classified as armor with no armor so it gets killed by everything.

Two aoe that only work if combined great. I could ramble how dumb of concept this since no other race has two units that work like this.

Then we have lurker main proble with this aoe is line from so only can hurt a move not paying attention. Yes they can hold fire ambush which means has pull enemy close so they have easier time to kill your units. So u need mass just be slight buffer unlike other races.