Zerg late game op

I found that zerg late game mass ling,baneling,and ultra is hard to counter. Liberator is actually useless to ultra due to mass lingbane because it keep hitting lingbane.While the baneling straight bust into my bio army. The ultra count be like 6 to 10

Imagine facing 15 ultras… lmao anyhow. ling/bane/X is a common startegy in Diamond and above until they can transition to viper/lurker/infestor or perhaps brood/infestor/corrupter.

When you see it do not panic. the base composition is ling/bane/X, the more banes that you see the further behind that you are. Also it means that you are not trading or you are not maxing before the 10 min mark.

I am going to assume that you are on atleast 4 bases. that is equal to zerg in most cases. If you are a bio player I do not have many options for you as I go mech against zerg 99% of the time, But if you are a mech player. I have some suggestions that will keep you safe

of course wall off. The wall serves 2 purposes. to take bane hits and to keep them from just running on top of your army. Put mines infront and a few behind your wall offs. However do not go over board a couple good mine hits can kill like 50 ling/bane which is a solid amount of supply. get a few tanks behind the wall. again not to many. the tanks is to focus fire the banes some good tank shots could kill like 20 ling/bane if not more

now you have to deal with X, that can be hydras, roach/ravenger/ muta or like you mentioned ultras. Each has a specific response in what unit composition that you get. I say get thors as main army composition because of their utility. if they transition to broods you already have the counter. As you get better and you may already be better than me you make get the specific response to each composition. that is up to you.

on a side note. if they have hydras they could switch into lurkers and start making vipers. If you see this you will need a raven or 2 or 3. and and mix in tanks with your thors… lurkers shred just about all terran ground army that attack into them. do not attack into lurker. under any circumstance. that is just horrible trade. zone them out with tanks. keep tanks spread b/c of vipers. watch out for infestors, they can ruin your day by taking thors.

Thors and tanks should be together at all times. one without the other is useless. Again this is if they are getting lurkers/viper/infestor composition… I am sure you will figure it out from here

p.s if they are saying that you are turtling good… that means they are frustrated b/c they cannot just A move your army. dont listen to them play safe. thats the only way to beat ling/bane/X

Yeaa my army is marine tank liberator against lingbane ultra because i found most of the players go liberator to counter ultra even in gsl or pro game. everytime i meet lingbane ultra, it is easy win if i just sacrifice my bio army and make mass bc. But im still wondering how the top terran beating those unit by using similar army as mine. U are right, it is a diamond league and ya i have at least 5 base also maxing out and i always presplit the marine

With bio mauraders are good for taking bane hits as well as focus firing ultras.
I would try to end the game before it gets to the max armies on both sides. and if it does get their try multi prong attacks. build planetaries every where you can. they can tank damage for you bio…

i am not sure if you are including ghost but ghost is really good in every match up. I use ghost whether going bio or mech against zerg and I nuke bases every time I engage them.

At some point you are going to want to transition out of bio. If they are going lurker/viper/infestor. your bio doesnt stand to much of a chance against that. unless you are attacking where they are not.

bio is ok against ling/bane/X which is the army before their ultimate army. lurkers cut through bio like a hot knife through butter.

if they transitiono to brood/corrupter/infestor. that beats bio as well.

You may have to transition out of bio sooner. you can post some replays in the general forum and some bio players will give you some pointers. It can be toxic there so be careful. and dont let them distract you.

or try mech. I feel like I should never lose to zerg when going mech thats how much better it is than bio in TvZ. of course I use ghost. and you can still transition to BCs. Usually it doesnt get that far. Thor/hellbat/tank army is really good and you can be maxed by the 10 min mark.

So one thing i wondering is while u are playing mech, how u counter swarm host since mech is unmobile and really trade very bad against swarm host.

Swarm host… this is one off zergs late compositions that you can run into. To fight Sh you have to be active on the map. You cannot sit back and trade free units for resources. There are few responses that I know. Assuming that they are maxing sh

If you notice swarm host. hopefully you are already going Thor hellbat as they counter SH. just make sure to keep hellbats in front of thors and add in a couple medvacs for healing. Just make sure to keep thors in combat mode. If you want to get fancy you can also add in a few mines as they can 1 shoot SH and significant lower the health of broods. this is probably the best response especially if you are an aggressive player. If you kept your macro up you should be able to build enough Thors/hellbats to counter them. Assuming you can max around the 10 to 11 min mark.

I find bio or mech that widow mines are really useful. Bane ultra on like 90 drones is tough to beat with standard mech.

Best thing i have found is either mech heavy cyclone with hellion if a lot of ultra or if you play bio make sure you had a coffee before hand and make mass marauder mine medivac with as little marines as possible and be prepared to micro.

you could add banshees into the mech comp to trick them into making air units for the cyclones to melt it does not work as well with bio in my experience

im wondering that all of u guys who using widow mines, did u guys micro marine split after burrow mine or micro mine to hit bane?

unless you make a insane amount of mine regardless there will be banes left over most likely late game, and i usually go marauder heavy to counter that and micro them up front to tank the bane hits i cant avoid, if you have the marine count to make that work it should but the rest of their army will destroy you regardless if he has ultra, lurker, infestor. Marine heavy would work against ling,bane,muta though

No kidding, that’s why all Terrans have to do dmg with early game attack and than all in and kill zerg before lategame.

Learn early game builds with intent to do dmg. you will make it on you a lot of easier.

Hellbat-bashee timing attack
Bcs-hellion, if you play bio - only 1 bc, if mech up to 3 and you can get yamato
Hellbat-stim marine
6 hellion, liberator, but on the ladder people may roach all in a lot, not best build.
I prefer banshee-hellion or hellbat, holds roach all ins and you can do dmg with this attack and kill creep!

Scout with reaper, before ling speed finish, scout third for drones and try to get into main if you can. Otherwise you have to send first 2 hellions to scout third and optimally all their bases, but it is not realistic.